ComicFiesta 07

CF07 was held on 15th and 16th December 07 at Berjaya Time Square,Kuala Lumpur. It was the 1st time being held there, as the previous occasions was in Sri Sedaya School Hall, Subang.

This year, me, Valiant(ToyzWorkz), Kev(J.T.Otakuism), and few others participated in CF07 as a group and had *a booth (a few actually but combined as 1 LOL) displaying our figurines. We have a total of 60+ figures up on display. However we only had this on Sunday the 16th, as displaying it for 2 days are not energy and money efficient. This is our 3rd event of the year, after AnimeFest07 figure display, and Outdoor figure photoshoots.

By noon, our booth began to get crowded. We get rains of camera flashes from cameraphone to DSLR. Besides displaying figures, we also provide info on how and where to get them. Hopefully this hobby will get widely accepted by the society. I was so happy to met few other forum members in real life.

Later that day, we took turns to visit other booths and stalking cosplayers LOL. I’ve been to CF since 2005, and I can say that the quality of cosplays this year improved a lot.


*check out more pics on my flickr

1hour to closing ceremony, my camera’s battery died. NOOOOO!!.. I was so damn disappointed. At the end of the day, we were fully exhausted. However we feel glad that we manage to share some of our stuffs to the community. Let see which event we might participate next.

*CF is considered a big annual event next to GACC, and more towards Cosplay and Doujin circles. These events are still new here as compared to how well established in our neighbor Singapore. Nevertheless Malaysia is going towards the right path, and we’re recruiting people to the dark side LOL. Check out more about CF at


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20 responses to “ComicFiesta 07”

  1. Serene says :

    Nice photos ^^ can see clearly all the figures displays so many hehe.. too bad I din got the chance to go on the 2nd day o.O But nice job on the poisoning 😛 More ppl will be buying figures soon haha..

  2. e-jump says :

    HaHa.. Luring people to the dark side, or should i say enlightenment :-p
    Anwyay, need to improve my photoshoot skills, as the pics aint clear enough.

  3. Aoshi_88 says :

    Why hallo thar e-jump! Do hop to my blog. Post on CF will be up soon with “some” pictars. I’ve been going to CF since 2003. Hahahahaha!

  4. e-jump says :

    I know shit bout CF till 2005. But back then its full of Naruto and Bleach cosplays. meh~
    Nevertheless Its been like an annual outings since then, and a camera is a must :p

  5. Hangmen says :

    When I was in Hobbycon 2007 (local event in KK, Sabah), I do get a bunch of cameras on my booth, but most of them wanted to take pictures together with me, the military otaku wearing a heavy assault vest, helmet, goggles and face mask. Was selling spare items for 1/6 action figures, but garnered little interests with buyers.

  6. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen : LOL they thought its military coplay. Well, different people have different taste. Your booth looks so ronery ;__; .Maybe those 1/6 manly military are still new there compared to GunPla.

  7. Hangmen says :

    Transformers seems quite popular, and Magic The Gathering as well as Warhammer 40k player seems to have an active community here in Sabah. Oh well, guess I’ll try looking for gold online.

  8. xrysx says :

    hi, i’m the mononoke-coser. I’ll take our pix from your flickr, giving credits to ejump. Thanks!

  9. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen : Well, TFs and Magics are fixed item and easily attainable, while military figurines are customized item based on collector preference/and available equipments.

    @xrysx : Holy Shiat, Awesomeness has spoken 😀 Awesome cosplay girl. You are the blue or the yellow SSJ mode one? All thumbs up from me 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog
    *My google-fu sense tingling, you are the blue medicine seller :p

  10. xrysx says :

    e-jump >> thx for liking us, we still had a few flaws to clean up ^.^ we hope to do better when it comes to the private shoot…which is… god-knows-when-we’ll-recover-to-do XD

    lol u caught me right on.


  11. e-jump says :

    @xrysx : Sure. Mononoke owns 🙂 Looking forward to your upcoming cosplays (I understand you guys came all the way from SG)


  12. valho says :

    great event, looks like I miss quite a lot of nice cosplayers, the Mononoke one definitely stand out ^^

  13. Serene says :

    I missed alot alot alot too T.T Esp the cosplayers, wanna see the real Pac man XD And SailorMoon too hehe.. my 1st idol *.* Mayb will go CF next yr to cosplay too 😉

  14. e-jump says :

    @valho : yep, cosplayers getting good these days. A camera is a must, and of course big data storage LOL. I need to go scouting on new camera with anti-shake ;__;

    @serene : wow, u want to cosplay too? Im interested, but i dont think i can cosplay anything. Unless Danny wants to let go his Trooper or Vader suit :p

  15. Mrbounty says :

    WOW! I know close to nothing about figures, but that second pic of yours raised my interest a lot. 🙂
    Especially the figures of Saber (5 of ’em if I counted right?!) and the Claymore/Clare’s one look like beautiful stuff.

    Any advice whether those are still being sold and where to look at on the web if so?

    Apart from that, nice coverage and interesting blog. Keep it up!

  16. e-jump says :

    @Mrbounty : Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Actually theres six Saber’s in the pic LOL. Well, since you didnt mention where you are from, I recommend you to check out :
    – HobbyLink Japan :
    – HobbySearch :
    – Play-Asia figure section :
    HLJ and HS are stores in Japan, while P-A in Hong Kong. These stores sells genuine stuffs. But I’s say 50% of figures that me and pall displayed already got discontinued/ran out of stock.

    Thanks again for visiting. Will try my best to do more coverage on upcoming events 🙂

  17. Mrbounty says :

    Awesome, thanks a million for your thorough and lightning-quick answer, e-jump! 🙂

    I’ll check the links you provided, and I guess I better be careful because the wallet might take a hit.

    Looking forward to your next coverages and posts; your blog is now bookmarked 😉

    P.S. I’m currently based in western Europe, but we may well become “neighboors” in KL pretty soon

  18. e-jump says :

    @Mrbounty : Thanks for bookmarking my blog 😀 Sorry cant help you in shops around Europe. Well, a piece of advice from me, try not to get figurines from eBay. There’s a lot of bootlegged ones there ;__;
    Well, hope i can attend few events this month and do some coverage.
    *Maybe I should list down the dates and venue of upcoming events, so that you/anyone can drop by if so happen happen to be in KL 😉

  19. Mrbounty says :

    Sounds a neat idea to list upcoming events over KL!

    Thanks also for the “no-ebay” advice. The 2 figures that really got me impressed (Clare and armored GSC’s Saber) are seemingly impossible to buy anymore on merchant websites. Looked the ones you listed and a bunch of European webs with no success.
    I’m most frustrated, why don’t they manufacture decent numbers of figures? How can a figure be out-of-stock everywhere less than a month after release/with no planned re-release?! 😦

    Anyway, looks like I’ve polluted this comment page quite enough now. Looking forward to the next entries/coverages then 🙂

  20. e-jump says :

    Well, It depends on the manufacture to have a re-run. If youre in luck, there might be some re-runs. But dont give high hopes on it. To share my experience, GSC and Alter did had some re-runs on high demand/popular figures in the past.

    Well, feel free to comment. I dont mind at all 😀

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