Otakuzone delivers

Desu delivers~

Fantastic fiesta,

The fan-run Comic Fiesta 2007 shifts venues and doubles in size.

BIGGER and better: this best sums up last Saturday and Sunday’s Comic Fiesta 2007. From its humble beginnings in 2002 as a small convention held in a two-room venue, the annual convention has now expanded tremendously thanks to the support of fans and industry players.

This year, Comic Fiesta was held at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur’s convention hall. It attracted about 3,000 visitors – a 50% increase from last year. This was no doubt fuelled by its now strategic venue, increased promotion and the growing number of anime and manga fans.

Read full article at TheStar:Otakuzone

Woot~, CF07 coverage is on todays The Star:Otakuzone newspaper. Didnt realized it until Kev mentioned it (LOL I forgot to read the newspaper today). Coverage was quite fast as it got published the following week. And the best part,

Besides that, The Figure Mall, an established website for figurines (thefiguremall.com), put up a small exhibition.

“Although it was a hassle to transport all the figurines, we were very much pleased with the venue and the response,” said Valiant Ho, a partner of the enterprise.

our booth was also mentioned, although no picture coverage on it. Kev must be damn happy by now as his FigureMall was mentioned LOL. Another LOL to Valiant as corporate partner :p (we are just a normal buddies, and Kev is the only one owns the eStore).

CF and other conventions/events definitely worth to be mentioned in local newspaper, so that fans will get to know that here in Malaysia, an established proper platform are being made for fans to channel their love and support to anime and manga.

*Oh by the way, the Otakuzone is a section of 3 pages, published only on weekends, and focuses on anime & manga reviews, happenings and fan-art submissions.


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9 responses to “Otakuzone delivers”

  1. igorlexus says :

    They should post moar pantsu shots ;_;

  2. e-jump says :

    @igorlexus : and some straightforward reader will post comments thats its not good for kids. LULz. But kudos for the coverage, the printed newspaper covers 1 1/3 of page. Thats quite hueg I’d say (minus the hotlink/nfs:pro streed ads) for a 3 page section

  3. LilKeV84 says :

    haha yup, i’m very happy wif the response \^^/

    i have to start thinking of more community-related features for the site 🙂
    any suggestions, do not hesitate to let me know ^^

    also, i’m looking around my site layout for a spot to place small ads, so that i can add links to u and valho’s blog ^^

  4. e-jump says :

    @LilKeV84 : Outdoor Figure Photoshoots would be a good start. Valho can give some training on how to capture good macro mode pics 😀

  5. Aoshi says :

    LOLWUT!? STAR is a family oriented, gov controlled newspaper. NO PANTSU SHOTS ALLOWED! 😡

  6. LilKeV84 says :

    heh? wut do u mean? explain to me next time ^^
    i want more ppl to participate in the dev of TFM 😛 just suggestions/criticisms is good enuf, i’ll do the rest of the work ^^

  7. valho says :

    Cool, first time my name got mention in a newspaper haha.
    LilKeV I think e-jump was suggesting to organize more outdoor shoots for fellow collection, with me as teacher/trainer 😛

  8. Serene says :

    Cool news ^^ Happy to hear tat Anime/Manga fans are increasing XD even happier figures are being promoted hehe..

  9. e-jump says :

    @Aoshi : yeah, or there’ll be no more otakuzone >_<

    @LilKeV84 : yep, as valho mentioned. Aside from that, perhaps have a meetup on hot to set diorama for fugures? 😛

    @Serene : Yep, glad to have a proper platform where we can share some of our collectibles to fans. And I’m also looking forward to dolls with customized anime clothes too. Hope whoever has them can also put some on display 🙂

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