Spending Xmas Eve~

Fuh~. What a day, working all day long and staying till 9pm at office on Xmas eve. Oh well, I won’t be celebrate it anyway (I’m Moslem). And from the way everything is going, guess I even need to go to work tomorrow ;__;

I believe on Xmas eve , people spends the sweet moments with their loved ones. Currently for me, its time to sleep and prepare to get my lazy ass to work tomorrow ;__;

How do you spend yours? Setting up booby trap for Santa? Still deciding the colour of socks to put near the chimney? Peeking your Xmas presents? Hope you guys enjoy the moments. And to whoever ends up RONERY, dont be sad. Prepare a new resolution for new year thats coming in 1week time :p

With this opportunity I would like to wish my visitors who celebrate Xmas, Merry Christmas. Have some Rozen Maiden with hats 😀

*By the way, do people still singing Xmas carol on the streets these days?

**Here’s a hat template if you want to put some hats on your 2D girls photos 🙂


4 responses to “Spending Xmas Eve~”

  1. Danny Choo says :

    Seasons greetings!

  2. e-jump says :

    Oh shi~. Its Danny Choo. Thanks for visiting my blog. Greetings to you too 🙂

    *Just got back from work. Working half day today >_<

  3. Hangmen says :

    Merry Christmas infid-, I mean, Merry Christmas everyone! Durka durka…

  4. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen : Santa already went back to north pole by now :p anyway, happy new year. Guess another possible ronery celebration for me ;__;

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