Seena just got shipped. Yey~

P-A ships Seena

AT LAST!! It took P-A 3 days for Seena to get shipped. Well, cant blame them as everyone is still in holiday mood streak (Xmas-New Year combo) . But it sure get me worried that massive orders might lead to low stocks, as what previously happened to Clalaclan (which I manage to grab her only after 3rd time restocked) and Zecty.

I’ve been camping F5 since 20th Dec to make sure I wont miss her on 1st availability. I really dont wanna push my luck as what happened to Clalaclan. However I’m surprised that Seena is still available on P-A as of now.

Speaking of Zecty, I have yet to receive mine ;__; I’m so worried as she has been shipped since 6 Dec, and its already 3weeks now. Due to that, Zecty missed CF07 and Clalaclan stood on display all by herself. Either she’s still stuck with slow local delivery man, or went missing (which I really hope its the former).

Now I hope they both can make it by 2nd week of Jan 08, as there might be a convention that me and pal would consider displaying our figures 🙂

Do you also have some hauls made on Dec that yet to arrive?


6 responses to “Seena just got shipped. Yey~”

  1. Prim3 says :

    alright! good for you.. but looks like there’s still stock for her at PA though..

    F5 is what?

  2. e-jump says :

    @ Prim3 : F5 as in refresh button for browsers. It should be Ctrl+F5, so you cleared the cache and get latest info from the site. Pretty useful if you are waiting for preorders to open LOL 😀

    Yep. Probably Seena is the less attractive as compared to Clalaclan and Zecty. Oh well, I’m collecting the whole lineup :p

  3. valho says :

    F5, favourite button to be use by figures collector during camping session hehe. hmmm don’t have anything from PA at the moment, but the last time my order shipped around christmas it took more than 3 weeks to arrive also.

  4. e-jump says :

    So 3 weeks on festive season is normal? Guess I need to decide fast before Chinese New Year, if I happen to be interested on something >_<

  5. Prim3 says :

    haha.. i thought what.. the refresh button only hia? 😛

  6. e-jump says :

    @Prim3 : LoL yeah. But works best with ‘Ctrl’ key.

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