Events for January

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Happy New Year. Comic Fiesta 07 has been a great wrap up in anime -manga world for 2007. Since its already 2008, its time to get back into serious business. So lets see what do we have for January.

Macross 25th Anniversary Convention
Date : 12th 26th Jan 2008
Venue : Taylor’s College University main building, Subang Jaya

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of Macross, the Macross Fans of Malaysia (“MFM”) in collaboration with the Taylor’s Anime Society will hold the “Macross 25th Anniversary Convention” on the 12th of January 2008 at Taylor’s College University main building.

They will be having movie screening, cosplays(?) and Macross related collectibles for display. Also some Macross merchandise will be available too. Somehow they dont have an official site for the even, so I’ll link it to source.
Since my Macross powerlevel is zero, I’m still undecided whether to attend it or not >_<”

Updates :

Official site :

Time : 10am – 7pm

World of Wonders (WOW), Let’s Cosplay! Replaced by Trendsetting Fashion Extrvaganza/Animax Cosplay Party
Date: 18-20 Jan 2008
Day: Friday – Sunday
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Hall 3&4, PWTC KL This will be a specific cosplay event, where there will a cosplay workshop, and competition. This might be relevant to my interest :3
*Event main site is not very informative so i link you to here.

The event organizers got pissed with the sponsors, so they pulled out. Animax may have a backup plan, something like Cosplay Party to fill in the slot. No official info available. Duh~

Official site :
In-hall map :

The MAGe Festa 2008
Date : 26th January 2008
Time : 10a.m. to 7p.m.
Venue : President Hall,
Nilai International University College
Entrance fee : RM 5 NUC’s webbie: event seems to have potential. Offers alot of activities from cosplay to karaoke.Me and pal are considering to have a figure display booth here, as this might be our 1st event outside KL. No final decision has been made yet, but at least I might attend for the cosplay too :3

*Also no official site, so i link to here.


24 responses to “Events for January”

  1. Mrbounty says :

    Nice wrap-up! You may end up with a pretty busy end of month 🙂
    And the Malaysian community seems to be very active, wish I could say the same over here, heh.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Mrbounty : Active yeah. Most of these events are organized by universities/college anime-manga clubs/society. Cant expect much from them, but it may get above expectation too 😉
    *Too much Genshiken influence LOL

    Maybe over at your place people still yet to see the fun and demands on it. Or these kind of stuff still yet to be openly accepted by public there? :s

  3. Setsuna-san says :

    if you are going to set up a figure booth do let me know, ill do my best to attend.
    and i think monthly roundup of activities is a great idea(at least for me) because i always overlook

  4. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : Will notify if !I’m going to put up a display booth :p
    We will potentially be in Nilai, but may not be at the Macross event. Girl pvcs might feel out of place at mecha event LOL

    I’ll do my best to share events updates and infos. So it can be spreaded to more people. For now, I’ll put these infos in mini widget on the main page at the bottom
    *sorry, my scripting skill sux, cant do better =__=”

  5. LilKeV84 says :

    Lets Go To Nilai Baby!!~ XD

  6. valho says :

    Nilai here we come 😀

  7. Prim3 says :

    26th Jan eh? too bad.. I will be in KL on 31th.. tot wanna join you guys.. 😦

  8. e-jump says :

    Yeah. Nilai has potential. Just that I need to decide which figure i should bring along 😀

    So, starting from next weekend, its gonna be activities weekly. LOL

  9. LilKeV84 says :

    hey, did u hear, that the Macross event was postponed to 26th Jan? ^^;;

    hehe…like this, i should let them know we won’t be coming liao 😛 since….GOT NILAI! wtf -.-

  10. Mrbounty says :

    @ e-jump: yeah you’re right, a bit of everything here. Anime/manga culture just isn’t as widespread as it seems to be in Malaysia. So the direct consequence is less events and those that are held aren’t really well considered by non-participants LOL

    Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy the upcoming events 🙂

  11. e-jump says :

    @LilKeV84: Yep, Macross event got postponed to 26th. One event out, 2more to go.

    @Mrbounty: It might take time and and some effort by some small club to get it started. Even Malaysian events are still far inferior to what in Japan >_< Nevertheless we’ll just enjoy whats coming 🙂

  12. LilKeV84 says :

    there has been a change in WOW 🙂 e-jump go check CF forum thread

  13. e-jump says :

    WOW event got called off due to the event management got pissed by the sponsors. However the cosplay activities might not be confirmed yet to be totally off, so I hope there’ll be some updates on this.
    Sigh~, dramas =__=”

  14. Setsuna-san says :

    wow, the events keep falling apart, guess you’re left with Nilai now.

  15. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : Yeah, most likely. This is bound to happen to some of the events as the only major sponsors that I always notice is Animax. And Animax may want to do it their way.
    For WOW Cosplay event, it seems Animax will take over with their backup plan, so the cosplay thingie might still be on.
    *And these events should have an official website for updates, not only some forum advertising 😐

  16. Shin says :

    Sup, I serve as senpai (and mentor) to the kids running the animu kelab at Taylor’s. I’m not a Macross fag myself, but what I can tell you is that the girls(some of which are pretty decent looking ^^) in the club will be cosplaying as meidos. That alone is the only reason I’m going to show up lawl.

  17. e-jump says :

    @Shin : LOL promoting your event. Well, I dont mind anyway. Btw, dont you guys have an official site or something, so I can link to it?

    in before TITSPics or GTFO 😀

  18. Shin says :

    Like I said, I’m only their senior of sorts, so I don’t actually have a hand in the planning of events, save for bits of advice. At this point, they have yet to make an official site, but I’ve been assured that there will be one for future events, so yeah ^^;

  19. Shin says :

    A little slowpoke.jpg here, but oh well:

  20. e-jump says :

    Thanks for the update Shin ( ^_^)y

  21. Shin says :

    Yeah, and did you hear? Apparently Hannah Tan will be showing up. LAWL 3D WIMMINZ.

  22. e-jump says :

    Well, Hannah will also appear at PWTC on Animax event.
    heres some Animax Cosplay activity updates :
    Info :
    Hall Map –

    The site is not helpfull at all for time schedule. I might drop by this Sat to check out =__=

  23. Shin says :

    Not sure if want. “Impress Hannah Tan with your own fashion style and be picked for the Best Dressed Award” She doesn’t look like the type to even watch anime, let alone cosplay, so this might just turn out to be some glorified fashion show rather than a cosplay contest. Oh well.

  24. e-jump says :

    Well, I doubt Hannah appearance will shake the otaku world. Unless She cosplays herself, no one might bother 😐

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