Happy B’day Tanaka Rie :3

Happy 29th birthday to Tanaka Rie, who is one of my favorite seiyuu. More like belated birthday as it should be 3rd Jan. How the hell did I forget it ;__; Was browsing internets/blogs until I came across scott’s blog.


click for bigger image

Long live my favorite seiyuu, who is far superior that that Aya who? (*in before shitstorm). For those of you who dont know, she’s Yomi, Mariel, Chii, Suigintou, etc etc. Whats more, she like to cosplay the characters she voiced. And Rie also approves Yakult.

Tanaka Rie @ ANN

Here’s a crappy mini chara compilation by me :p


From top left, clockwise : Yomi, Lacus, Chii, Maria, Sanada(Nyanko La Vie :3 ), Mariel, Mitsuki, Suigintou, Tomoe.

Moar Tanaka Rie :3




tanaka rie’s blog @ RieRie World

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8 responses to “Happy B’day Tanaka Rie :3”

  1. rain says :

    happy birthday rie-san! she’s one great seiyuu, love her recent roles as maria and matsukata. her evil personas are always good ones, and imagine that coming from the person who voiced chii XD

  2. e-jump says :

    @rain : done :p

    She played villain well too, with Tomoe and Suigintou. But her comedic side best would be Sanada-san and Maria :3

    *now where is my rozen maiden 3? ;__;

  3. Aya Kyunik says :

    Hey~! I can be a pretty good voice act- oh wait, you’re not referring to me…

    Happy bday Rie Tanaka~!
    She’s also one of my fav, mainly due to her Suigintou role :3

  4. igorlexus says :

    I know you are Suigintou-tard ._.

  5. e-jump says :

    *Suddenly 2 Aya appears (Aya Kyunik & Aya smelling something pics) 😮
    @Aya Kyunik : Yeah, Rie is one of my best seiyuu favs, alongside Megumi Hayashibara, Halko, and Yui Horie 😀 However I liek Rie’s comedy roll in UFO P.Valkyrie, as Cat-Maid chief Sanada-san that transform cute girls into Cat-Maids as she likes, and Pedo for mini-Valkyrie :p
    Nyanko La Vie~

    @igor: I prefer one who stay healthy with yakult, than big forehead 😀 (*in before shitsorm YO~)

  6. maskawaih says :

    i liek long haired girls with cute face. rie tanaka herself has many fans in taiwan (or hong kong?) when she went there few years ago.

    heck, i am actually minorin-tard.

  7. igorlexus says :

    I wonder why yakult is overrated these days as my mom only take vitagen from the retail shelves,lawl. Aye, indeed big forehead is easy to noticed but it does come with its own reason, big forehead=big brain=moar analytical mind=prosperous=profit=money. Thus, it’s no brainer why Aya-chan is so win, lulz.

  8. e-jump says :

    shitstorm indeed arrived =__=”

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