[Upcoming MaGE’08] What do you want to see?

Sup guys. It will be likely me and fellow pals will be doing a small figure exhibit again, and this time it will be at upcoming MaGE’08 event in Nilai College. *check out my prev. post for more info.

Since this time it well be quite far away from our homes, I need to limit on figures to be displayed (we have transportation limitation ;__; ). I hope my readers/visitors especially to those who might attend can help suggest around 10 figures that I should bring/you might want to see them in real life.

Shining series
Eyescream 1/8 Mao
Eyescream 1/8 Ryuuna
Koto 1/8 Clalaclan
Koto 1/8 Seena
Koto 1/8 Zecty (TBA)

Fate series
GSC 1/8 Maid Saber
GSC 1/8 Maid Rin
GSC 1/6 Karen Ortensia
GSC 1/6 Saber Holiday Costume ver.
Alter 1/6 Rider swimsuit ver.

Aa! Megami-sama
Koto 1/8 Belldandy 2007

Onegai Teacher
Yamato 1/7 Kazami Mizuho Pink Wedding dress ver.

Pia Carrot 3
Koto 1/8 Sayaka Takai Trop. Ver.

WaniBooks 1/7 Kanu Unchou White Gotf. ver.
WaniBooks 1/7 Ryomou Shimei Blue Nurse ver.

Mai Otome
Koto 1/8 Arika Yumemiya school robe ver
Bandai 1/8 Arika Yumemiya Meister Robe ver 1

*Nothing much I can offer, as I’m kind of new in figure collecting :s


12 responses to “[Upcoming MaGE’08] What do you want to see?”

  1. Setsuna-san says :

    I suggest that you bring all the Fate and Shining figures.

  2. ron~ says :

    All F/SN, Koto’s Shining , and Ikkitousens, that’s 10 already 😀

  3. LilKeV84 says :

    do let me know if u wanna concentrate on FSN & FHA, then i’ll bring my koto new costume saber 😛

    i’ll pray for u too for Xecty to arrive 🙂

  4. Shin says :

    Anything and everything TYPE-MOON.

  5. e-jump says :

    hmm… Fate and Shining figures has gain lots of interest :p
    most likely they will appear again for displays.

    *however vote/request still open >_<

  6. suneo says :

    new in figure collecting! Same here I only have 3 figures…and they’re all preorders so far lol

    Though I’m not in your part of the world and don’t know a few of those figures you have up there, I’ll make some suggestions anyway lol:

    Saber holiday
    Rider swimsuit

    I’d like to see some more of Saber holiday version…I haven’t seen many pics other than the ones up on GSC HP and stores. I want to get her but she is expensive and sold out anyway lol

  7. LilKeV84 says :

    i would actually suggest this
    Shining Series
    FHA series (except saber holiday, coz valho is bringing her and sakura)
    and either belldandy or sayaka(coz valho bringing sana) ^^

  8. e-jump says :

    @suneo : Eh, I thought theres a lot of Saber holiday ver. pics and reviews. She’s nice, and expected to be sold out everywhere. But for a 1/6, her price is reasonable.

    Hmm, i see Bell do get some request too :p

    Anyone has superdollfie? I would like to see one in real life too

  9. Hangmen says :


  10. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen :Shoooh… go away and play your ak47

  11. Sora says :

    Nilai is too far for meh. D:

  12. e-jump says :

    @Sora : well, you can always take the commuter ;p
    Since WOW!Cosplay got called off, cosplayers are expected to flock this event ^_^

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