Real Life Suigintou!!111

Customized Suigintou

Holy shiat!! All these while I never encountered any Rozen Maiden figure/doll thats is so identical to the original anime, until I saw this. Sorry fellas its not human :p

Was browsing 4chan /a/ for my daily dosage, and posted in a Suigintou thread. Suddenly an Anon posted the pic above. I was ZOMFGWTFSAUCE!!111. But somehow Nazi mod deleted the thread. Was lucky that when I reposted the pic, an Anon replied with source.

Apparently Sakura Color was the one who did the custom mix and match to this Suigintou. Check out Suigintou’s page at the the 2nd link under Rozen Maiden at the left bar. *Site is in Japanese

They listed out all the progress of customization and parts used. Awesome and useful informations provided, might come in handy especially to those who might be interested to make one too. Since I dont understand Japanese, I’m not sure if she’s for sale. Oh, Sakura Color do have other maidens too.

All these while theres not much of Rozen Maiden figures that interest me. But I can say for pvc figure, Wave’s DreamTech Rozen Maiden lineup was among the best, next to Alters’. But seems like most figure maker halted their RM lineup ;__; Where is the LOVE??!!

For doll category, aside for this Suigintou, theres another awesome Superdollfie that looks almost like Desu/Suiseiseki (will cover about her when I’m free). Volks Superdollfie is a definite win if you want to customize an anime character. However these dolls are still way out of my league ;__;


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9 responses to “Real Life Suigintou!!111”

  1. Shin says :

    Lawl junk. Give me Suiseiseki any day.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Shin : Junk is superior than Desu anyday. Go and play your tsundere DESU :p

    Anyway, do check out Sakura and Henrietta on Sakura Color. Awesome 😮

  3. Shin says :

    Yeah I did. Desu’s still the best. OH LAWD HETEROCHROMICS ARE HAWT!

  4. ron~ says :

    hmm this sakura color version is nice, look a more like the anime version (big eyes), but seems like the quality is less superior than volk’s suigintou

    agree with you about that we need more RM figurines! I want Alter to make unyuu, desu, and junk (._. )

  5. Exiled_Gundam says :

    Buy one la e-jump. Show your love for Rozen Maiden ~:P

  6. e-jump says :

    @ron~ :indeed the official Volks suigintou attire quality looks top notch, but the eyes and lips by Sakura Color is by far auperior

    @E_G : I dont think I can afford USD1K for a doll ;__; With that amount I can get a B16A half-cut for my civic >_<

  7. rain says :

    i’m with exiled gundam. get one e-jump, and u won’t need anymore figures

  8. igorlexus says :

    Ah~ It’s condensed milk time !

  9. e-jump says :

    Guess I might make a wallpaper or something, so I can see her everyday LOL
    *only can afford to see her pics ;__;

    Anyway, Im looking forward to other RM Superdollfie upgrade by Sakura Color

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