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my civic

Yey! Just picked up my ride from the workshop today. Ahh~ He looks rejuvenated. (pic slightly related, as it was shot 2 years ago)

Aside from being an anime fan and figure collector, Im also into cars and modifications. Well, I dont have a high pay job, a this Honda would do just fine for me ;__; (fixed)

This is my ride, a Civic EG. This year he’s going to be 11yrs old. This ride got handed to me from my parents 4yrs ago as my transportation in Uni. Well, should be thankful even its an old car, this 5th generation Civic has an evergreen looks, and drive me to class and work.

my civic

This is my ride before the paintwork. Sent my Civic last week for a new paintjob. To sad seeing the colour faded due to exposed under the hot sun ;__;

my civic

And this is what he looks like after a nice paintjob (Duh~ It was getting dark when I took the pic). I choosed Mica Blue for the colour. Looks cool and dark 🙂 Spent RM1700(~USD500) for the job done. Well, this is my companion when I’m ronery. Chicks these days dont dig 10yrs old junk ;__;

There goes my savings. Next would be getting a set of lightweight 15′ rims >_<

*I called him a HE as he’s too manly to be a SHE. LOL

Oh, I wont be painting/airbrushing my civic with anime characters LOL

Some mods
– ZEAL Function Basic adjustable coilovers
– 14″ JRD rims =__=;
– EK front lips and sideskirts
– Tanabe Hyper Medallion muffler
– Apexi intake
—-updates with more pics—-
my civic


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6 responses to “e-jump’s mobile”

  1. Mrbounty says :

    Your ride certainly doesn’t look like a 11 year-old car. I think Honda did a nice job here, because the design still looks nice/didn’t age that much.
    The paint job is good, I like this dark blue tint (though you may want to take a pic under daylight 😉 )

    Heh, kinda surprised about your comment that Honda cars are for “non high-paying jobs” over there in Malaysia. I’d have thought that would be the local brand instead… what’s it called… Proton (?) Any other popular brands in KL?

    Here, Hondas are not that widespread. You find way more Seat, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, VW, etc. And for those willing to spend more for a car, the usual BMW or Audi, etc.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Mrbounty : I meant to say that this honda just do for me as I dont have moneys for a new car LOL 😆 Yeah we have Proton and Perodua(localized daihatsu) as local national car.

    Here you can see Continentals, Japanese and Korean cars around, even exotic ones if your are lucky. The imposed Tax and Duty here makes imported cars priced ridiculously. And with my current pay, I dont even think I can afford a 3-series in 15yrs time =__=

    It will be daylight soon (in 2hrs), maybe I can snap a pic or to of my dark blue mica Civic :p I really like the aerodynamics of this civic compared to the later models. a Better rims would do him justice. Currently thinking bronze Advan RG.

  3. ron~ says :

    it’s a nice car, my car is also old, going to be 9 years old this year december ^^.

    Now you need to put more anime thingies on your car 😀

  4. e-jump says :

    @ron : nice, and i like to keep it simple.
    I wont be putting anime thingie in the car coz:
    – gashapon and stuffs will melt in my climate
    – ppl might give a weird look =__=”

    *pics updated.. now off to work

  5. igorlexus says :

    Slap on a bad ass 16″ rims ( no local made please, lulz), replace the old cushion with a pair of recaro/bride semi-bucket seats and I can assure you could dig chicks who know nothing about bhp or variable valve timing. lulz.

  6. Samejima says :

    My Nissan Frontier is also going 9 years old soon…
    Actually, my dad just lent it to me for transporation to/from work & school.
    It was really funny cuz the car’s Tire rod end is already creating creaking sounds when turning the steering wheel left or right… no money to repair the car..

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