Youth’08 [Day2] No sign of cosplay event?!

I was so into attending WOW!Cosplay event that was supposed to be this weekend, but it was called off and got replaced by Animax Cosplay Party. This WOW!Cosplay event was a sub-event to Youth’08. Click here for list of sub-events happenings there.

I skipped the 1st day as it was held on friday, my working day. So today Saturday 19th, I began my journey to Putra World Trade Center KL via public transport. Arrived at PWTC by 2.45pm. The 1st thing I encountered before entring the venue, 3 cosplayers. Potential cosplay event in radius detected? But its not even crowded.

The entrance

And the sponsors.

It looks ….empty~

This event is held at a multi-storey hall. The top storey consist of advertisers/sponsors and corperate booths, and also mini stages for career talks and stuff. Pretty much formal stuffs here.

Among the formal booths and sections on the top level, Celebrity Secret corner attracts my attention. For this corner, the DJ did some interviews with local celebrities in sharing their secrets to success.

So these are the celebrities interviewed. From left Ash (singer?), Rachel (actor) and PointBlanc (LOL yeah!! singer from Poetic Ammo). And I manage to shook hands with him 😀 More on who is PointBlanc in my upcoming blog post, if i feel like posting it :p

Next, going to the lower level, here is more lively and active. Thans because the dance competition was held here. No pic coverage on the dance competition as I didnt get a good spot to snap some pic. Sigh~

Besides dancing competition section, theres also MMORPG section, bloggers lounge, creativity corner selling clothes and art stuffs, and also Graffiti paint walls. Not relevant to my interest.

Overall I am quite disappointed that there was no cosplay event at sight. I’d blame for lack on proper time scheduling for each events. To add, theres rumor going on that the cosplay party will be held on 3rd day in the evening. High possibility I wont be going. SIGH~

—edit: I failed LURK MOAR—–

Time schedule :
*found it on this blog.
So the Trendsetting Fashion ‘cosplay ‘ event will be held on tomorrow sunday evening.

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12 responses to “Youth’08 [Day2] No sign of cosplay event?!”

  1. LilKeV84 says :

    wow…seriously looked dead

    haha…so how? going tomorrow? 😛

  2. Mrbounty says :

    Ah, the pics indeed have a kind of… hmm… “emptiness feel”. Too bad for the nowhere-to-be found cosplay event. Hopefully more luck in the next event you attend!
    As a sidenote, that Rachel actress looks very, hmm, nice 😀

  3. e-jump says :

    1st of all, sorry guys for my crappy post ;__; Felt sleepy upon posting, after watching Man.U – Reading game. And my reporting skills sux yo~

    Yeah, I guess in general, it is no surprise that this event will be a little lack of support from anime/manga/cosplay fans as this event setup was kind of confusing. To have education-like fair to go with trendy youth thingie just doesnt sound right to begin with =__=”

    @LilKeV84 : Im not sure if I’ll be going today, as my-cosplay-radar sense doesnt tingle one bit >_< And for the transportation fare I’ll be spending really doesnt justify what i should be expecting today for cosplays.

    @Mrbounty: Well, from the response on MAGe Support thread on a forum, it seems MAGe got some attention by fans and participants. I wont put my hope too high on it, but the upcoming MAGe event next week is specifically for manga/anime/game.
    The only downside of MAGe is that theyre out of KL bound, thus might not be reachable by those who doesnt have transport.
    And besides PointBlanc, i dont really know the other two :p

  4. Setsuna-san says :

    ill give it the event a big miss. it looks sooo dead. dead event walking.
    so e-jump, how is it going with the booth at MAGe? updates and info please so i know where to hit first.^^

  5. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : Hit it on my butt plz :p LOL kidding
    For the MAGe event, yeap, we are probably in final stage of preparations, where we already confirmed our attendance an how many table we required.
    I’ll update and probably do some little promo bout it yeah~

    Yeah, youth08 was pretty much dead. Teenagers dont really go to career and education fair these days? Since im already employed, didnt check it out the details either :p But for the trendy events, cosplay will be really be out of place, where other stuffs there is more on urban hip-hop culture =__=;

  6. Setsuna-san says :

    career and education fairs are still in high attendance if you consider THE STAR Education fair. I worked at that fair and boy was it crowded all day.
    On the cosplay part. yeah, i think Malaysians in general still think otaku culture is bizarre.

  7. LilKeV84 says :

    haha yea u should start promo-ing already, since its just 1 week away 😛
    btw…i need a proper listing of ur figures ya 🙂 i scared i miss out sumthing

  8. e-jump says :

    OK, just got back from Youth08 Day3..
    I has pics with Hannah Tan 😀

    The cosplay event was meh~ But kudos the the cosplayers who appeared and show support for cosplay community 🙂
    *will post em soon

  9. LilKeV84 says :

    haha…looking forward to ur report 😛
    and ur legendary pic ^^;;
    was there a lot of cosplayers? i wunder…hhmm…

  10. Prim3 says :

    Yeah! me wan cosplay pics! me wan cosplay pics! LOL..

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