Youth’08 [Day3] Trendsetting Fashion Extravaganza

After my rantings on Day2, it was the least likely for me to attend Day3. But somehow I made it there, just for the LULz and WTF elements. Well, who else would bring you coverage :p

I arrived there around 4pm. The lobby seems kind of empty. Not many cosplayers in sight. A disappointment for me. Since I already there, I’d stick around for the heck of it.

The guys I was yesterday also came today. Kudos to them for giving this cosplay event a go. Also Sailor Soldiers, Yamato and Kenpachi detected.

Their costume aint that awesome, but the enthusiasm to cosplay is what matters 🙂 I requested this Yamato guy to do his round-eyes, but he declined saying its difficult to do that LOL.

Somehow, for todays entrance into the hall, I need to register in a form. Either this was not needed on Day2 event, or I just barged in without even registering yesterday. Oh well, just filled em up as I wont lose anything besides getting some spam mails in my box.

Upon entering the hall, a saw a huge crowd at Animax booth. Somehow I forgot to snap a pic. Went there to check out the fuss, and guess what (not really surprised) its Hannah Tan with fan session. Hannah Tan is a new host or ambassador for Animax Asia. I queued up the line for an autograph poster and some pics with her 🙂

Yeah I know, Im not good looking and stuff. So I present you a hot chick cosplaying a new MMORPG game character. I dont MMORPG myself, so dont ask me bout the game =__=”

The stage where this cosplay/fashion show to be held wast completely setup at the time I was there. Maybe the had something there previously, I dont know.

While waiting for Trendsetting Fashion Extravaganza to start, I went to checkout the lower ground. It seems lively with lots of activities.

A Kia has been sacrificed for some art graffiti. Not bad. And at a corner, they’re having a GIG. The band playing music aint bad either. Really pull a large crowd there.

Saw this guys putting up their outfits. I believe this is some culture trend instead of a cosplay. At 1st I thought it was Edward Scissorhand LOL.

Cant stand with loud music and stuff, went back to upper level. Sigh, the Fashion show is yet to start. and at another corner at a chinese media booth, the cosplayers gather for a TV shoot. Damn lucky bunch as they can appear on TV.

The event got delayed by 1hour, and began at 6pm instead =__=” The host introduced himself and explain about the fashion show and the costume getup to the audience. Hannah then do some little Animax promoting and talk about anime stuffs. She’s just n artist cum Animax Asia ambassador, so cant expect much of her otaku powerlevel.

A dude played an electric violin for the opening. He got awesome skills there.

I dont know about other cosplay event around the world, but this is my 1st attended event watching cosplayers do CATWALK. LOL this is something. And mr DJ also playing some cool song to add the fun of this event.

And here we have all 10 cosplay finalist chosen by Hannah. (Dont ask me why a winged cupid is there =__=” ) The host later interviewed with each participants.

For this contest/cosplay party, the winner was chosen by spectators. The most popular character won by Sailor Pluto. Well, everyone here is a winner, being supportive and won some goodies each. Well, at the end of the day it was not really that bad after all. My only complaint is damn hefty parking fees, as I was charged rm7.50 for 3hrs park ;__;

So, next week there will be 2 events on parallel, the Macross event and MAGe. I’ll be going to MAGe as I will be having a figure exhibit with pals.

Picture taken using Pentax Optio S. Yeah, I know. I need a better camera.


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18 responses to “Youth’08 [Day3] Trendsetting Fashion Extravaganza”

  1. allenlyk says :

    I LOVE THE MMORPG GAL!!! give me the full version pic of her will ya? 😉

  2. Prim3 says :

    Aiks.. the previous comment is mine.. donno why it auto signed me in to my free wordpress account.. lol..

  3. e-jump says :

    But those pics in my flickr the only ones i had. This Pentax is getting shitty by day ;__;
    I really need a less shutter-lag with IS camera 😐

  4. Setsuna-san says :

    e-jump. is that you in that pic with Hannah Tan?

  5. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : Yes its me. I know i dont have the looks. Lets hope no one use my face an made a meme on some image board =__=”

    Actually I dont really knew Hannah Tan untill I met her there. I prefer 2D LOL

  6. Mrbounty says :

    Very nice coverage, thanks e-jump!
    Man, that Hannah girl is just darn hawt… woah.
    And the finalists-cosplayers look pretty good as well. Kudos to the guy cosplaying Kenpachi (my favorite Bleach character, heh) 😀

  7. ikin says :

    you really captured really nice pictures! thank you so much ^_^


  8. e-jump says :

    @Mrbounty : Thank for the complement. Next week U’ll be at MAGe. So, stay tune for more coverage. And It seems I forgot to snap some Kenpachi close and personal ~__~

    @ikin/Sailor Pluto : Thanks. But I really need to improve my camera skills. Kudos to SailorSoldiers for the old-school cosplay. If only you guys can find more cosplayers to fill up for TuxedoMask, and all other sailors :p

  9. Setsuna-san says :

    @e-jump: you look fine. dont worry.^^ We all prefer 2D LOL.

  10. Shin says :

    Lulz were had. Hopefully your trip to MAGe proves to be a more interesting one ^^

  11. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : 2D FTW Yo~

    @Shin : Yeah, kind of LuLz especially the catwalk. Maybe some cosplayers might turn up at Macross Anniversary too, although most like more to be at MAGe

  12. rain says :

    nice… we’re planning to bring hannah tan over for our convention at kch XD

  13. e-jump says :

    @rain : make her cosplay. Convince her, with her cosplay, it will attract/gain some otaku interest :3

  14. Aoshi says :

    FUCK YEAAAA SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. byaku-chan says :

    I went to college with Hannah Tan, she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet – gorgeous inside and out. Love the sailormoon cosplayers, cute + hot!

  16. Hangmen says :

    Dude in Nartuo cosplay = blog over

    At least whoever the MMORPG chick is saved teh day.

  17. igorlexus says :

    Hannah Tan ;_;

  18. ekspekt says :

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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