MAGe’08.. kind of…..

So me and pals went to MAGe’08 Festa last Saturday for a figure exhibit. This event was the 1st time organized by MAGe Club of Nilai International College University, and also our 1st time having an exhibit outside KL.

We arrived at the hall by 10am. Entering the hall, we were suprised by the size, also by the reserved spaced tables/booths. So damn HUGE.

For the 1st time ever, the whole cast of Queens Blade figure passed the screening :p Here are some pics of em. Not mine though.

Also, introducing one of our new companion, Aiko-chan. She was cosplaying and joined the singing competition :3

Rozen Maiden? YEY~ But Desu looks sad ;__;

The event got delayed by 1hrs, and started at noon. However the hall seems empty. I understand that Nilai is pretty deserted and not easily reached, but the local students not giving support? =__=”

There was also game competition and art drawing contest, but I was too lazy to check em out =__=”. Some cosplayers..

Some doujin circle present at the event.


Wolf Brothers Thingamajica

Ju Lah! Dream Team

And the final competition was karaoke/singing. And Aiko-chan give her best shot competing.

And my batteries FAILED me once again =___=”

Overall, the event was an OK for me. Not too shabby as the MC manage to give jokes to keep crowd some entertainment. Besides its the 1st time the club had such event. The judges of the cosplay and karaoke competition was kind of FAIL. To the least, I won a lucky draw and got myself a Logitech keyboard LOL.

And so I was there, stayed there, and I killed my braincells, LOTS OF EM.. I did not really enjoyed myself there. Maybe I had my expectation too high, which leads for me feeling this way towards the end. And of course the song played was TOO DAMN LOUD, and too much naruto+bleach+haruhi weeabooness. No, SRSLY <_<

Sorry guys, my White Balance kind of messed up. Almost all my pics looks yellowish ;__;

*If you wonder why it took me some time to post this up, I suffered a great deal of headache. Probably due to tiredness, and driving in the dark under heavy downpour on my way back from MAGe. This pain is killing me ;__;


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15 responses to “MAGe’08.. kind of…..”

  1. rain says :

    the hall looks half full. but thefiguremall presence there should be enough to brighten things up! furthermore got some nice cosplay and your booth promoter as well XD

  2. e-jump says :

    @rain : The hall was like 1/5 full. Its a complement that the hall was so huge, good enough to hold an event without getting to crowded.
    But whats there if a hall is big, but so few ppl attending. My entry might sound kind of harsh for the club, but they didnt promote well enough on the event. There was likely no posters/banners about this event around the Uni. itself @__@

    I hold no grudge against Haruhi/Naruto/Bleach fans. Just that Im not a fan of em and the deafening Naruto/Bleach songs looping throughout the event really drives down my sanity >_<”

    *in before my post got saged by stated fans >_<

    Oh, also nice meeting fellow bloggers there, especially Setsuna-san 🙂
    Looking forward to next event, the ACG

  3. Setsuna-san says :

    cosplay judge was plain fail.(if you paid attention, i shouted for the commando guy to give the judge a headshot.LOL)
    It seems that the real problem with the whole event was the music(i think most of us already complained about this) which sort of made it difficult for people to communicate with one another. I had to raise my voice ALOT to get heard.
    BTW, who won the cosplay event? wasnt there the whole day.=_=”
    Nice meeting you there as well e-jump, maybe you guys could count me in if you want to have another figure display booth. LOL

  4. Shin says :

    Oh man, the OP image made this look like some kindergarten event lawl. After having spoken to the club president once, I knew right away this was going to be some massive weaboo circlejerk event, but had hoped the cosplay would offset this. Then again, judging from your report, I guess it didn’t happen, which makes me sort of glad I never went wwwwwwwwww

  5. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : You want to know who won? Gai-sensei =__=

    @Shin : YEah, I was kind of ‘WTF!!??’ when I saw the banner on stage.
    The cosplays didnt really rescue the event =__=”

  6. Aoshi says :

    ^ HAAAAAHAHAHAHA…the three guys are friends of mine.

    And Kon-Zaraki was also at CF2007. Banner is kind of lame too.

    MAGe08 - 37

    ^ Guy on the left won first place as Hellboy for CF2007.

  7. Aiko says :

    imma actually not cosplaying D=
    its just plain original char created by my own self D=

  8. valho says :

    good thing i didn’t expect too much when i went there, I just thought of it as a good time to practice indoor protrait shots XD

  9. Setsuna-san says :

    OMG WTF!! seriously WTF??????? i expected commando or at least Queen Esther to take first place. WTF??

  10. lu-k says :

    An event organised by an University? it seems quite original to me. You guys are starting to be everywhere hehehe.
    Keep going! I will try to imitate you at the other side of the world ^^

  11. e-jump says :

    YEah, Aiko didnt actually cosplay.

    @Setsuna-san : Yeah, I was rooting for Esther too.. The costume was very detailed. Serious business indeed.

    @lu-k : It was actually by an anime club in the university. But yeah, everyone is into the hypemood which is a good thing :p
    We’ll invade Malaysia LOL. However not much happenings for Feb as of yet 😐

  12. LilKeV84 says :

    @everyone who participated
    otsukaresama deshita!~ XD
    sorry ya e-jump, if this round was quite boring 😦 hope next round will be much better (gonna make sure of that 😛 )

    yea…the cosplay winner was quite disappointing…seeing how much effort Esther & the SWAT guy put into their costume…..

    haha…well there’s ACF, although i didn’t organize anything with them -.- looks too overcommercialized…
    btw…on ACF sunday, i’m gonna be there to practice more shoots, wanna gather? XD

  13. e-jump says :

    @Kev : I might be there if im not on-call.. I also need to practice my indoor shoot, manual focus, white balance etc LOL

  14. Sora says :

    The Rozen Maiden cosplay looks like tarps seriously.

  15. e-jump says :

    Yeh, my TRAP sense tingling too
    DESU is cute..
    But she didnt smile ;__;

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