Just arrived, a maid :3

When I got back from work yesterday, I saw this on my bed :3 Was really least expecting for it to arrive within 7days, with P-A’s free shipping service D:

Really surprised me there. And somehow this time Konomi’s box is wrapped too. I wonder why. Also no dents on her box Yey.

I wont be opening her out of her box so soon, at least until another maid arrives 😀

*My Zecty has yet to arrive ;__; P-A is now looking into the matter/investigating.


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12 responses to “Just arrived, a maid :3”

  1. Hangmen says :

    I think I saw this somewhere in Danny Choo. It has semi-dropped panties or something. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. e-jump says :

    Yep, should be this >:3

  3. Shin says :

    /r/ more screenshots

  4. Setsuna-san says :

    e-jump is currently developing a maid-loli fetish. LOL

  5. e-jump says :

    Moar liek maid-soldiers :3

    Well, I’ll do some screenshot when im free 🙂

  6. Hangmen says :

    I was thinkin’ of making a 1/6 armed maid. Problem is, I’ll probably have to drop by to Ebay (Paypal acc. still pending LOL) to find a 1/6 maid uniform. As for getting a 1/6 femfig, it’s available here (XL Shop, brand: BBI), but I despised the bimbo headsculpt. Perhaps I should learn how to make my own custom headsculpt, but don’t know where to start and what tools do I need.

  7. Aoshi says :

    Can’t see the pictars. =_=

  8. jonhohx says :

    thats your good karma for saving those neko…take care of them

  9. Sora says :



  10. e-jump says :


    So far already has 3 maids,and 1 on the way :3
    – GSC Rin
    – GSC Saber
    – Koto Konomi
    – Koto Tama-nee

    I really hope GSC will do a Caster Maid

  11. Setsuna-san says :

    Caster Maid. Seconded. Also, add a Ilya loli-maid as well.

  12. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna-san : Maid Ilya and Sakura would be possible as they do appear an illustration together with Rin, Saber and Rider. However, Caster was not present ;__;

    *i’ll post the pic up after imageshack quit being gay =__=
    everyone in maid
    caster maid/apron

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