Mission:Frozen Grand Central

What would you do if suddenly everyone around you froze? I’d probably shit bricks, srsly O_o

Visited DannyChoo’s blog 8hrs ago, and came across a post/clip about some random group creating a scene at Grand Central, NYC few days ago.

LOL wut, they manage to pull a “WTF ??!!” faces from people around them. Brilliant and awesome, considering these people arent professional actors.

The group responsible of this act is Improv Everywhere. They’re a bunch of random people, HUNDREDS of em, gathers together and do some pranks. And it seems they’ve been having missions since 2001. Awesome stuffs. So those of you who live nearby NYC could probably check them out and also join them for the LULz 😀
*my 1st youtube post YO~. Testing the embed code :p


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5 responses to “Mission:Frozen Grand Central”

  1. lu-k says :

    Yeap that was awesome. Love the guy on his “engine”, requesting for help haha.
    Embed code seems to work well 😉

  2. e-jump says :

    LoL yeah.
    That fellow was kind of pissed for a while there. But the overall performance was epic. Damn it must be fun doing large scale prank LOL

  3. suneo says :

    hahah wow that was super trippy, but very awesome. I think i’ve only seen one other mission they’ve done, where everybody dressed in Best Buy employee colors, and just walked in and started walking around as regular customers. They didn’t help customers actively, but if they were asked by a customer they would assist haha. Security was called and they were kicked out I think lol

  4. Shin says :

    Hiro Nakamura just entered the building.

  5. e-jump says :

    wonder whats next by IE.

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