Seena Kanon

So finally I manage to post up Seena’s pics, after acquired her since Dec 07. She was featured at MAGe’08.

So far out of my Shining series collection by Kotobukiya, I’m only missing Zecty. She was lost in the mail, and PA is still investigating the matter. I’m not a Shining gamer, nor did follow the anime. But I find these fantasy girls from the series somewhat cute :3

Maybe I should let the pics do the talking 🙂

Oh shi~ Its a magnetic hat. Thats why the hat didnt fall off at that angle. I dont know why she had an asymmetric hat with feather on 1 side only to begin with >_<

Lu-k seems to like her stripe-pantsu :3

The detailing on Seena is good. The frills, rose on her arm, finger nails and even the panties tripes are well coloured. Again, another tupperware lid base. Im still confused about her collar/cape. Is it detachable?

All in all, Seena is lovely, even with simple pose and tupperware base. Some may find Koto’s latest offering are becoming kind of too boring and static pose. Maybe Kotobukiya is trying to keep their figure prices cheap compared to rivals. Im not complaining, as long the figure sculp itself looks good, and identical to the anime/manga/game they’re from.

More pics on my flickr

Figure info –
Company : Kotobukiya
Lineup : Shining Wind
Character : Seena Kanon
Scale : 1/8
Sculptor : Hirotoshi Nakamura
Release Date : Late Dec 07
Date purchased : Dec 07
Store : Play-Asia (sold out)

Misc –
Camera used : Pentax Optio SV
Location : My dad’s garden


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12 responses to “Seena Kanon”

  1. suneo says :

    she’s got some interesting leggings and I like her striped panties too 😛
    nice figure. It’s too bad about your Xecty….hope it gets resolved!

  2. Prim3 says :

    Pre-ordered this but skipped her at the end.. she does looks good though.. and ya.. i like the stripped pantsu too.. XD

    *Praying hard Max Fac will release the rest of Shining Wind characters* ngiak ngiak..

  3. Shin says :


  4. lu-k says :

    Yeap, love them hahaha. Blue/Green strips are even the best ^^
    But well, that more a super “bonus” since Seena outfits are already beautiful.
    I am a bit confused about this figure, more because it’s a Kotobukiya product than anything else. Though she looks very well made through your pictures, I would prefer a 1/7 Max Factory one, to go with their Kureha.

    Second picture is my favorite of the batch ^^

  5. e-jump says :

    I’m surprised that you guys liked Seena. But I still believe she was the least popular compared to Zecty and Clalaclan.

    Stripe pantsu FTW

    @lu-k :Max Fac quality should be superior, but it might come with a hefty tag ;__;

  6. desudesu0 says :

    >But I still believe she was the least popular compared to Zecty and Clalaclan.
    She’s lacking in the chest department. Ofcourse she’d be not as popular.

  7. Ani says :

    Great Figure and one of my fav’s. I bought two! one for my computer desk and one for my desk at work 🙂

  8. e-jump says :

    She is nice indeed.
    I cant wait for my Blanc to arrive. Pre-ordered her already 🙂

  9. danie~ says :

    Nice pics! I just got my hands on her.. Lovely indeed. MaxFac should make her soon..

  10. meimi132 says :

    Auuuuuu Seena Kanon or Hayami Kohinata…..

  11. e-jump says :

    @danie: grats danie. hope you like her. Eyescream one has a funny smirking face =__=”

    @meimi: If you want to go for Seena, get the Koto’s one. Eyescream’s face looks weird

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