Another maid reporting in :D


Got back home yesterday, and almost kicked this box in front of my room door (didnt notice it was a parcel from PA). This was my 1st time to recieve this size of box from PA O_o

Woot, she has arrived. Tama-nee maid. Another 1week delivery from PA. From on top of the parcel, the Customs exempted rubber stamp mark was on 2nd Feb. Pretty fast from there to get to my home.

In before ‘WTF happened to the parcel??!!’. Yeah, shitty handlings. Luckily the figure box only had slight dent, thanks to the white thingie cushioning the side impacts.

I was really worried as Chinese New Year holiday will begin tomorrow until weekend. If she didnt arrive by today, high chance she will end up like my Zecty ;__; Glad she arrived yesterday.


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18 responses to “Another maid reporting in :D”

  1. Exiled_Gundam says :

    Moar pics 😀

  2. Shin says :

    Tama-nee is the best To Heart girl ^^

  3. ron~ says :

    lovely tama-nee ^^

    IMO, Play-asia has better shipping and handling service than HLJ 😀

  4. Prim3 says :

    Oh my.. the box’s huge! excessive maid obsession? 😉 😀

  5. Samejima says :

    My Konomi maid ver. will be here this week and I hope this afternoon…

  6. e-jump says :

    @Shin : Yeah, she’s the best, next comes Sasara. Damn Taka-bou lucky b’tard =__=

    @ron~ : i believe the FAIL handling is due to the postman in my country =__=”

    @E_G : well, i’f im free this coming holiday.. I need to find a nice spot to take the maids pics :p

    @prim3 : HUEG box is HUEG!! I’m a maid fag since Hanaukyo-maid and mahoromatic LOL

    @samejima : looking forward to your konomi pics too. expecting semi drop pantsu? :3

  7. Rin says :

    Damage parcel, big figure box. That must have cost alot considering it came from play asia. The figure is really nice. From the pictures I see. Chinese New Year is coming. Happy Chinese New to you in advance.

  8. Suomynona says :

    How do you manage to get the packages sent straight to your home? Every time I have a parcel, the customs officers at KLIA detains it 😦

  9. e-jump says :

    @Rin : The figure itself only cost USD59. Plus I chose the free delivery service. Yeah, Happy CNY to you and all readers who celebrate it.
    *I dont celebrate CNY

    @Suomynona : Well, I guess it depends on the total price of the package. So far none of my parcels got detained (except for Zecty, unsure is it got detained or lost upon delivery ;__; ).
    My rule of thumb, never buy stuffs in one go that totals add up RM200++(USD65)

  10. Prim3 says :

    lucky u.. my place here.. if use free shipping from PA and USD50 or more.. no need ask, sure detained.. bloody kastam..

  11. Samejima says :

    YEEEEES!!! And her facial expression is sooo MOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEE!!!

  12. Setsuna-san says :

    seriously though e-jump. Building an army of maids?

  13. e-jump says :

    One day, I might consider letting go my other figures just to have the budget to get MOAR maids :3

  14. Hangmen says :

    And the compulsory response:

    Tama-nee ;_;

  15. desudesu0 says :

    >My rule of thumb, never buy stuffs in one go that totals add up RM200++(USD65)
    Odd, I thought it was RM500, according to the guys at lowyat?

    It doesn’t include shipping fees, right? Because my $90-ish ($30 went to the shipment, expensive, I know ;_;) shipment from Kidnemo arrived recently without any troubles.

  16. e-jump says :

    Well, I heard some sub USD150 parcel might get opened up for inspection, although no tax impended on it. Custom do it for the LuLz? I dunno.
    But so far, mine was never opened. Maybe I’m lucky. But I’ll set my limit around usd65. usd160+ would be borderline before gonna get TAX ;__;

    But sometime big parcel do attract trouble, even its cheap ¯\(º_o)/¯

  17. desudesu0 says :

    S-so… you mean that parcels usually aren’t opened by the customs? So I could always order a risque figure and it’ll pass the customs, as long as it’s not in a HUGE parcel/listed as very expensive?

  18. e-jump says :

    Yes, The chance is there. I will never say 100% failing rate. More like 50-50 chance. Up to you to try your luck.
    My experience: all parcel below usd65 in value, none of my parcel was opened, and 1 parcel did went missing.

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