15′ Weds Sport SA-90 rims

Hmm.. Its been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Was too busy with workload after the Lunar New Year. My Kitties are getting healthier too. Anyway, just got a new haul yesterday, but this time its metal.

Guess its the time get my car a new upgrade. Was scouting for decent rims, and Weds Sport SA-90 cought my eyes. I was originally aiming for Advan RG’s but the price was almost twice this SA-90.

I got this SA-90 set for rm2200/usd650usd~ and its a used set brought in from Japan. Well yeah, Weds Sports aint as popular as Rays Engineering, Work etc.

Morning, the old look

Evening, the new look

This rim spec is 15″x7jj offset 38, an inch bigger and wider upgrade over my old 14″x6. Now it looks wider and as you can see, its almost aligned to my fenders.

Lets dig chicks 😀

Check out Weds Sports stuffs at http://www.weds.co.jp/ 



7 responses to “15′ Weds Sport SA-90 rims”

  1. Setsuna-san says :

    Nice Rims. ^^
    btw going to ACF at times square?

  2. e-jump says :


    oh yeah..
    See ya there at ACF’08

    which reminds me, I’ve yet post anything ACF’08 related >_<

  3. igorlexus says :

    Nice rims you got there 😛

    Is it cast alloy or forged ? Does the performance differ from the previous rims ?

  4. e-jump says :

    @igor: i believe its forged. any indication on the rims?
    *its cast

    its getting hard to turn, as the tire is wider by 1inch.
    Anyway, the old used RevSpec is kind of quiet, but may need replacement too since theres cracks on the sidewall ;__;

  5. xaznstyleracerx says :

    Was sup man nice wheels i had a set that i sold already was wondering if you wanted to sell those if so give me a price.

  6. e-jump says :

    No dude. Not for sale.
    Its a nice 15x7jj, might try a set of 205/50/15 if i find the right tires and has monies

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