Anime & Comic Fair 08 this weekend

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So this weekend on both 23rd and 24th Feb, ACF’08 will be held at Berjaya Time Square Kuala Lumpur. The venue is the same as CF’07.

For more info, check out the main site

This time, again me and pals are having a ‘small’ figure exhibit. Well, there will be a total of 60+ figures up for display, but since we will be there for both days, we are separating some figures on particular day .

Mine on Sat 
GoodSmile    Karen Ortensia
Alter        Rider Swimsuit Ver.
GoodSmile    Saber Holiday Ver.
Eyescream    Ryuna
Kotobukiya    Clalaclan Phlias
Kotobukiya    Seena Kanon

Mine on Sun.
GoodSmile    Rin Tohsaka Maid Ver.
GoodSmile    Saber Maid Ver.
Wani Books    Ryomou Shimei
Wani Books    Kanu Unchou
Kotobukiya     Konomi Maid Ver.
Kotobukiya    Tamaki Maid Ver.See you guys there 😀


3 responses to “Anime & Comic Fair 08 this weekend”

  1. Shin says :

    Lawl, see you there bro.

  2. Setsuna-san says :

    see you there man. only going for a short while on day 2. damn all this family obligations.

  3. e-jump says :

    Nice meeting you Shin, although only for a short while.
    See you tomorrow Setsuna

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