ACF’08 [Day 1] Not enough attraction?

Was at Anime Comic Fair 08 yesterday in KL. Me and pa did a figure exhibit again, but this time we will be on the 2nd day too.

When we went to our booth, we were surprised that it got relocated to the center. This is even a better location as can easily attract visitors 😀 Not only that, despite using the same venue as CimicFiesta 2monts ago, the layout was kind of different, which is a plus.

However, throughout the event yesterday, it seems it didnt manage to pull a big crowd. I wonder why, as the banner was good looking compared to MAGe ones.


Some pics of the booths setup inside.

So pic below is our booth after setup. The figure count seems few, thats because some of them arent present yesterday, and will be exhibit today (we plan to swap some, as do not want people to think since they saw it yesterday, not worth visiting).

More pics on my flickr. The event officially kick off at about 12pm, which is kind of delayed by few hrs, probably the organizers was waiting for the crowd to grow.

If you cant may MAGe post, indeed you’ve seen them (the cosplayer in pic). In fact almost 80% of cosplayers who appeared at MAGe appeared here in same outfit, except for the SWAT guy, with his weaponry upgraded.

The main competition of the day was dance competition. However most dance crew attended was seems to be B-boys and B-girls. Kind of odd if you ask me, for this sort of dance at anime fair =__=” Anyway, the champion group, Electroshock, manage to heat up the hall as they showcased their cool dance.

Anyway, one of this dance crew is also an anime fan, as he himself did inquire information on Shinku and Manabi Straight figure. Who says cool dudes dont watch anime? :p

Some cosplayers pics of the day.

And to end this post, our group pics LOL

See you guys today (Sunday) at ACF08!!


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16 responses to “ACF’08 [Day 1] Not enough attraction?”

  1. Zyg` says :

    wow nice collection of figs lol
    anime fairs are fun ❤ it does look kinda empty tho ^^;

  2. lu-k says :

    Nice idea to switch figures from on day to another ^^
    Looking forward today report!

  3. fishball says :


  4. Setsuna-san says :

    wow i spot a chaingun!!! (or was it a minigun?)

  5. e-jump says :

    @Zyg` & lu-k : yeah, events like this are kind of fun, althought sometimes lack the crowd/support. Anyway I’ll try to update the todays event report when i regain my energy.

    @fishball : nice meeting you yesterday, fishball. Came all the way from Penang 🙂

    @Setsuna : you mean the 1/6 machineguns? Theyre trading figures, brought in by some friends from Gundam board :p

  6. Setsuna-san says :

    no i ment the SWAT guys upgraded weapon.

  7. e-jump says :

    @setsuna : owh, the gattling gun. Serious shitz there, that gun rotates. Some serious business custom job there

  8. Shin says :

    The turnout on the first day made the Macross Convention look like a sold out event lawl.

    Also, sage for poor Rei ripoff for mascot.

    In any case, nice to see them figyas again ^^

  9. e-jump says :

    I’ll update report for day 2 tonight (in7hrs time perhaps)
    For now, check out some of my pics on flickr 🙂

  10. rain says :

    i lol’ed at the smilie faces XD

  11. e-jump says :


    maybe i should make a mask out of that and walk around at next con LOL

  12. Serene says :

    Ow.. Why use a smiley face on all faces >< Shud put original faces XD
    Nice collection again.. All gathered nicely hehe.. My club oso had a booth in our uni displaying our collectibles ^^ hehe..

  13. e-jump says :

    @Serene : the pics are just for LULz. It redirects to actual pic if you click it.
    You guys are recruiting new members? Moar maids ploz :p

  14. Aiko says :

    wtf is with the face censord =.=

  15. Terasa says :

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