ACF’08 [Day 2] reLOADed

Sunday, ACF’08 Day2, I started the day early by getting to the venue by 9am. Too early till I skipped my breakfast >_< Well, need to get there as soon before the city road get crowded as its weekend.

By 11am, people started entering the hall. But the count is still too low.

And so the lineup of the figures on display. We switch some of the figure series so that visitors for both days wont see the same thing.

So, out of the bunch, these are the latest ones. My camera skill again failed me with blurry pictures ;__;

By 4pm, some friends from Gundam Hobbyist clan dropped by our booth, after they had a gathering at a venue nearby. And look what they did to the girls. Hotness reloaded LOL

Obviously the gun is not a Gundam part, but those kits can be fitted with 1/6 weapons depends on the kit scale. Oh well, more pics :p

And somehow I ended getting one for myself too. Well, I can arm Kanu or Belldandy with it :p

The solo-cosplay competition kicks of at 5pm. Still not enough cosplayers detected. Theres rumor that most cosplayer didnt turn up due to in Memorial to a cosplayer who just passed away with cancer.

The SWAT dude wins. All his weapons are SERIOUS BUSINESS. He made them all by himself, and that gutling gun actually rotates. This time I didnt go around snapping cosplayers pictures as…

….I already saw the same person on my previous event visits =___=”

So I end my post with a cute gothie :3 nyaa~

See you guys next week, at GACC’08 Melacca


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18 responses to “ACF’08 [Day 2] reLOADed”

  1. Shin says :

    As was with the first day, looks like only the figyas were the highlight. °ε°

  2. e-jump says :

    well, nothing much can be done, as the rumor about someone passed away seems true.
    Then again, its not a solid reason not to attend the event and hype it up.

    OH well, theres another one after GACC, late March. Going?

  3. Shin says :

    Yeah, I’m going for that one too, if only to hang out with the b/AS/tards from LYN lawl. Perhaps this time I can greet you proper too ^^

  4. lu-k says :

    HAHAHAHA seen Ink, Haruka and even Belldandy (O_o) with those dangerous weapon, what a shock!! xD

  5. e-jump says :

    @Shin : looking forward for a chat with you

    @lu-k : Haha LOL. Actually the crowd at our booth was getting weak by 3pm. When my friend drop by and played the guns, people came back to the booth to wee whats the fuss :p
    Maybe in upcoming event, the Gundam guys might also have a booth and display their workmanship job on their kits 🙂

  6. Czero says :

    Lawl, loli with gun at the back = WIN!! 😆

  7. Setsuna-san says :

    The figures with guns are a huge stroke of inspiration. Absolute LOL.

    BTW i cant attend GACC, its a bit too far for me maybe next year then when i get my car.

  8. BrianOverload says :

    thank for you coverage man ……..

  9. Prim3 says :

    lol.. where those guns come from? 😛

  10. e-jump says :

    @Setsuna: Well, see you in BTS kater in march 🙂

    @BrianOverload : Well thank you. The purpose of my blog is to share my figure experience, and also spread the local events and happenings 🙂
    Also, looking forward to your next upcoming event
    Anyway, BrianOverload was 1 of the organizer of ACF

    @Prim3: At 1st, friends from Gundam Section brought it in. But latter me and Exile_g bought it too from nearby shop :p

  11. rain says :

    tsuruya looks hot with the gun

  12. *@PeNgUiN@* says :

    thanks for post my photo~ the lolita is borrow from aiko~ keke

  13. e-jump says :

    @*@PeNgUiN@* : My pleasure. Put on nekomimi = MASSIVE WIN >:3 nyaa~

  14. valho says :

    girls with gun superb, we should do it again next time, I’ll bring mine too hehe.

  15. Aiko says :

    pity the cute innocent girlsss T_T ink~~~

    *hide at corner and cries*

  16. Hangmen says :

    I have a lot more guns in my collection, in 1/6 scale and 1/12 scale. Also, that SWAT dude is awesome. If there are any more hobby events in Sabah in the future, I’ll give myself a much needed kit-up to match, if not exceed, his level.

  17. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen : I believe you should connect to this dude. He’s another you, in peninsula. He’s on CF forums under ChaoX or something nickname.

    Anyway, preparing for GACC trip. YATTA!!

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