GACC’08 [Day 1] Mentally Scarred

Last Saturday, took off to Melacca with fellow pals on my bangbus civic, heading to the next big anime Con, the GACC’08. No VTEC kick in YO!! as I has no VTEC ;__; This annually GACC Con is one of the biggest after the annually ComicFiesta.

Departed from my home as early as 7.30am, and the sky was dark and raining. The whole journey was tiring as the heavy downpour causes me to give 101% concentration on my drive ;__;

We arrived at the venue by 10am. And thankfully, its not raining anymore. I were surprised, the venue hall was kind of…. small.

This is what it looks like inside.

I went “Wait, WUT??!! Isn’t this supposed to be big?”. But everything proves me wrong later by noon. If you guys wondering whats with the LOLWut emoticon mask in the 1st pic, its me, doing it for the LuLz. However I didnt wore it the whole time as its kind of troublesome to lurk around with it. Now, its pics spam time.

The Assault Tactical Team

Aiko, cosplaying… RO?


Tactical guys own’d by MIB’s

Oh shi!! Hard Gay Daa~

“Ya minna-san, Hard Gay desu”. This Hard Gay dude is like the real deal. Seriously awesome. He did all the HG antics, from HG thrust, to pulling his cellphone from the ‘ahem’ 😀 I bet some of the visitors got mentally scarred and culture shocked by him LOL. say saY sAY SAY!!!
*Youtube or wiki Hard Gay for more info.

HG thrust HOOOOOOOO~ *although I did it wrong =__=”

Look kind of bored thar ladies?

LOLwut has joined

The doujin booths

Ten-ten girl, doing one piece

Misa and Menos Grande

Later in the day, they had a Group cosplay competition, where cosplayers groups up, and do some act/skit comedy for some LULz. I missed few early ones as I went outside for some fresh air.

Bollywood skit. Dot ask me ¯(º_o)/¯

One Piece

Pizza-butt yey~

Its a TRAP. But he’s doing it right. Kudos.


At the end of the day, they had the Caramelldansen. Since I has LOLwut mask, I did it for the lulz. But I did it wrong too, again ;__;

LOLwut, few seconds before set FAIL ;__;

Then this afro dude did the YATTA dance. *Youtobe YATTA for info

G.. R.. Double E.. N.. Leaves… Its so easy~
*Afro ‘pools closed’ dude /b/ powerlevel is strong

Its not complete without HG Livin la vida loca

At the end of Day 1, i really enjoyed myself. I didnt manage to attend GACC’07 due work issue. Glad I made it this time. And also this is the 1st time I joined the fun, with LOLwut mask 😀 In success rating scale, Day 1 alone was legendary and surpassed CF’07 in terms of cosplay and fun *yeah, CF still wins in doujin materials.

*Oh shi.. I just realized I has no coverage at all about the Game section.

Check out my flickr for more pics. It seems my camera fails on me again. Almost half of pictures taken came out blurred. Higher ISO didnt help, but worsen things up with more noise ;__; I really need to get a less shutterlag camera 😦

And oh, theFigureMall groups didnt join for figure display, as the local organizer do have their own figure group display.

Also check out my fellow comrades coverage:
Shin’s Atarash Prelude
Aoshi’s LuLz blog
*still not up at ToysWorkz

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14 responses to “GACC’08 [Day 1] Mentally Scarred”

  1. Czero says :

    say saY sAY SAY!!! Hoooo~~~!!

  2. Shin says :

    Glad to see we’re promoting memes at these sort of places.

  3. xrysx says :

    hi! I grabbed some pix from ur flickr! basically me and my other 3 friends, we did Pop’n Music team on day 1 and La Corda D’oro/Cardcaptor Sakura on day 2. Thanks lots!

    p.s. this is the mononoke coser from last yr comic fiesta if you still have any impression LOL

  4. e-jump says :

    @Shin : Memes, in MY conventions? Its moar likely than you think 😀

    @xrysx : Yeah, I remember you. And I thought I saw you on stage (a mononoke coser) from far, and shouted “MONONOKE FTW HOOOO!!”
    But it was a chibi version :p

  5. xrysx says :

    e-jump << that was sky_pegasus ^^
    i don’t think anyone can recognise me in cosplays at events normally LOL

  6. Aiko says :

    imma not cosplaying on the 1st day lolz XD just random waitress. xD if u really wanna know where dat came from, its a waitress uniform in Shuffle! anime/game, the cafe where Kareha works. but just, this is random, coz the wig lolz.

  7. Aoshi says :

    Lulz…i didn’t intro meself to Aiko. =3

  8. LilKeV84 says :

    omg…u were doing the carameldansen?! XD should have shot that…didn’t realise
    hhmm…maybe should check my pics again 😛

  9. Shin says :

    Lawl, I think that “Menos Grande” guy of yours is actually cosplaying No Face from Spirited Away lar.

  10. lu-k says :

    So crazy ^^ LuLz!!

  11. e-jump says :

    @Kev : Yeah, i did it for the lulz, but set FAIL.. HARD ;__;

    @Shin : orz

    @lu-k : Fun and crazy HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    Day 2 coverage up 🙂

  12. sakura0104 says :

    orzzz~ XD I see meh group’s booth and ryu joining in the yatta dance with deidei (the afro dude lawl) >w< I wonder if I’ve actually bumped into you that day or at least saw you lawl XD

    but the event hall was the same hall they used last year ❤

  13. e-jump says :

    @sakura : when im without maks , im just a typical Anonymous in the crowd. Only did some LuLz when the mask is on >_<

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