GACC’08 [Day 2] EPIC

Started Day 2 with a little drowsy and body aches here and there, thanks to one of my room inhabitant who snored ZZzzzz. The 3 others including me cant sleep and I had to put on my mp3 player +__+.

Reached the venue by around 10.30am, and from the outside, I thought the crowd is yet to build up. But behold.. Queue has proven me wrong O__o”

LOLwut has shock’d

If you been wondering whats with ‘Seiyuu ticket’ and the long queue, its for the ticket to get autograph by Ichigo’s VA, Masakazu Morita. The ticket is only limited to 100, and hald of them already got distributed on Day 1. So these are the die-hard fans trying some luck on the leftover tickets.

Now pics spam.

DGray Man


Seena and .. (i dunno LOL)





Then by noon they had this Comedy skit bout 2 dudes playing some StreetFighter game. But the in 3D, and yeah i mean real 3D for the LuLz.

Guile vs Ken

Namek hijack!

SSJ.. oh shi!!

The comedy was awesome. If this was put in Day 1 competition, its EPIC win!! They also has dudes in black to carry the effects. Probably inspired my MatrixPong(youtube it). And also make me hate my shitty camera more, with shitty shutter lags and stupid mic built in and made me missed all those EPIC moments 😦


Mokona… *LUL





Lacus x Euphie

Honey Flash~


Sakura x Shaoran



ZAFT x ZEON Alliance

Mr Morita arrived by 2pm. The hall went frenzy by his arrival. I was by the walkway, a nice spot ho snap his pic, but it gets too stuffy with peoples starts pushing and squeezing. I had an idea of using my tripod as a stand to snap pic from above. A legendary idea, but it was set FAIL due to my shitty camera, again =__=”

Didnt stay long during the interview session, as the room got massively stuffy. Cant breathe.. HALP!

Moar cosplay spam!



One Piece


I somehow missed the Wheel of Fortune event, where cosplayers were called up the stage, spin the wheel, and do some LULz on the result ;__;

Here’s some Youtube on Commander Chaos antics with Hard gay. EPIC LEGENDARY

This is the figure display section by committee members there. I dint manage to snap good pics of the figures due to the glass. No flash also failed. Everyone still thinks our previous tFM booths are superior. Thanks 🙂

And this display section is by one of the participating vendor, selling figurines and collectibles. Manage to control my urge to get something >_<

So this dude is the Solo Cosplay winner, thanks to his performance

All in all, O am very satisfied by the participant of the cosplayers in this event. The was like 50 cosplayers, but most of them already went back by the evening. GACC’08 has bring anime/manga/game con to a new level for us Malaysians. I hope this will be the new standard as benchmark for the upcoming events.

See you guys in few weeks time, at Kuala Lumpur

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11 responses to “GACC’08 [Day 2] EPIC”

  1. valho says :

    The hall got so pack and stuffy even before the seiyuu arrive that I had to go outside for some air lol, actually I didn’t go back in after that. It was definitely a great event, now if only they can get a bigger hall it’ll be superb

  2. e-jump says :

    @valho : yeah. The aura of powerlevels, strong in the hall. I couldnt stand the heat and went out for fresh air+recharge battery >_<

    I really hope next upcoming events can be as hype as this :p

  3. LilKeV84 says :

    haha me too
    i went in for a while, then gave up…too stuffy and i can snap shit from the back of the crowd…so went outside and joined valho aiko and others 😛

  4. Aoshi says :

    Lawl… power levels reached 999999999 after seeing HG vs Commando Chaos.

    Power levels… not HGP.


  5. lu-k says :

    HAHAHA that Hard Gay vs Commando Chaos was fantastic! Thanks for sharing dude! Really fun to watch ^^

    Gintama cosplay group looks nice. Sadako is awesome! And still in love with Rukia… :3

  6. Czero says :

    Someone post the full HG vs CC videos. 6 minutes lol. XD

  7. Setsuna-san says :

    Still in despair after missing it. T-T

    TFM’s display was superior i think because of how close the photographer could get to the figure and having a glass wall did not do them any favours either.

    btw HG and Chaos were the best!!

  8. Hangmen says :

    Wow, thats a lot of stuff going on. Wished the future Hobbycon 2008 (local event in KK, Sabah) will look somewhat like that, hopefully. Anyway, I moved my blog to a new link. Update your blogroll.

  9. e-jump says :

    Yeah, I had a great time there. Im still thinking, should i myself cosplay?.. wait, WUT? Cosplay?

    And this is the 9th, and by far the best Con that I had ever attended 🙂

    In less than 2weeks, we have 2 more cosplay event, and another one the next following week. Jeebus, Cons grows like mushrooms =__=”

  10. sakura0104 says :

    D: omg, I wanted to get morita-san’s autograph deshuu.. TTwTT but was stuck at the booth the whole day orz.. XD;;

  11. e-jump says :

    @Sakura : unlucky you

    Well, with that amount of crowd, I dont think 100 tickets for autograph is enough in the 1st place =__=”

    Imagine if its Tanaka Rie, I would even pay for the darn tickets >_<

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