Cosplay + Guitar = Win

Theres tons of YouTube clips on people playing anime songs and stuff, and I agree there are loads more beyond awesome of what I posted. But what catches my attention on these clips is that they even cosplay. LOL

So here I link a noticeable awesome bassist, Springmercury cosplaying Suigintou . Check out his other vids.

Also dkxbsgt, bassist cosplaying Yuki.

RM band yo. Anyone know where I can find that Desu clip at the bottom right?

If you notice, they arent showing their face despite being awesome. That probably because internet is evil :O


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10 responses to “Cosplay + Guitar = Win”

  1. otaku dan says :

    that is so cool

  2. e-jump says :

    Cool yeah..
    I can never play as good as them ;__;
    *my noob skills has rusted since the last time I touch my guitar was like 2yrs ago

    On the side note, in the 1st clip above, he’s even on heels :p

  3. choo23 says :

    Is it a trap? XD as we all can’t see their faces. May be some guy cross dressing.

  4. Shin says :

    How about cosplay(if you can call it that) dating instead?

  5. e-jump says :

    @choo23 : the suigintou is a dude. LOL yeah.. But still unsure on that Yuki. Oh I hope its not TRAP too…
    JAPAN, what has you done??!!!!

    @Shin : I cant UNSEE!!! Those kigurumi are more creepy than Pullip dolls O_o

  6. Setsuna-san says :

    ITS A TRAP!!! at least for the first two.
    Yuki however, is plain awesome.

  7. e-jump says :

    All 3 RM’s are trap
    Yuki still unsure..

    But then again, I want that Suigintou dress >_<

  8. Hangmen says :

    Man, tarp, etc.

    Nice guitar play though.

  9. Arman says :

    Too bad the cosplay Yuki doesn’t play the guitar
    it’d be an instant win if she did…

  10. Arman says :

    oh yeah I surely hope that’s not a trap

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