Sony PSP Cosplay: r u original?

r u original? So yesterday (15 March), I went to check out the Sony PSP Cosplay event. It was held at The Curve Kuala Lumpur, about 5mins ride from my home. The PSP event is a 2Day event, where Cosplay took on Day1 while PSP game battle will be held on both days.

This event originally relates and limited to PSP and its games. Originally for the cosplay competition, participants need to be PSP game related. Worried that this rule turns of cosplayers, they drop the rule.

I arrived at the spot around 12.30pm, right after watching F1@Albert Park Q-session on TV. This is my 1st time attending a Cosplay Con. in an open space. A yey as I can safely use lower ISO for my shitty Optio SV.

They even had PSP tryouts with 40″ LCD station. Jeebus. Not only that, they had about 20 of these at the spot, each hosting different theme/activity ie. sports, movie, fighting, racing and even internets.

PSP booth selling PSPs, accessories and games.

Then I met Setsuna of FullMoePanic blog. So you can expect some event coverage from him too.

The format of this competition is based on performance presentation on stage. Contestant are free to do whatever they like for 2 minutes. Im not sure about short Q&A session with each participants was held or not as I arrived late, and noticed theres no Q&A while I was there.

I ran out of sucky (*sake)

So these are the contestants. gathering together before a break while waiting for prize giving at 2.30pm. Which is kind of fast I must say, from the time contest started to prize giving ceremony. So I chase for more pics.

So, these are the 3 winners with Sony representative. 3rd goes to Darth Vader, won himself a Walkman, 2nd to Cap’n Jack Sparrow with a PSP, and 1st place go to Commander Chaos, winning himself a T-Album camera.

A pic of everyone.

After this cosplay event ended, the PSP battle starts. At this section, 6 participants will play MGS for 4 minutes in one go, and whoever has most kills advanced.

I didnt stay long as the weather looks rather cloudy and gonna rain. And it did rained later in the evening. Overall the event was kind of OK. Some might ask, why the heck of non anime cosplay there. To me, as long its a costume play, enjoy for the LuLz 😀

Feel free to check my flickr at the bottom right panel on main page for slightly more pics. Rather happy that my pics didnt turned out crap, and thanks to Noise Ninja tool.

I might check out Hotlink Cosplay event at Sg Wang KL tomorrow if the weather is right, no riot, and right after Australian GP 🙂


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12 responses to “Sony PSP Cosplay: r u original?”

  1. Exiled_Gundam says :

    Haha, Commander Chaos wins again. I think he win something at every cosplay event he joined

  2. e-jump says :

    Not in todays Hotlink event.
    Not today

  3. Hangmen says :

    Commando Dude is once again my hero, turning an otherwise average cosplay event into something to remember.

  4. Rin says :

    It looks pretty cool. There’s nothing like this in Toronto. It look like a sick event to go check out. I do like that Darth Vader costume. Jack Sparrow is cool too. Yuna and Naruto looks pretty good. Thx for sharing…

  5. valho says :

    good coverage e-jump, and yeah commander chaos win, hmm he won at quite a few event already. btw i heard from aiko you can get free psp by doing something onstage

  6. Czero says :

    Where’s Hard Gay? lol

  7. e-jump says :

    @Rin : Our cosplayers still need some catch up to make to our neighbor Singapore. But then again, lotsa improvements been seen.

    @Hangmen : Looking forward to you suit too

    @valho : Yeah, and i was in mood too. My pics turns out good. He won 2 already. Not sure about extra psp for cool performance tho.

    @Czero : Hard Gay available at upcoming CF’08 near you

  8. Setsuna-san says :

    Needs less naruto and more of others.

  9. Prim3 says :

    i only like the girl in the.. ermmm let’s c.. 23rd photo (white hair one)… the rest.. ermmm.. no comment.. XD

  10. e-jump says :

    She’s from Tekken, and a paid cosplayer >_<
    So sad i didnt has her closed up pics ;__;

  11. Arman says :

    not bad at all!
    I love star wars

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