ACGC’08 Day2

Online games. Everywhere.. Where is my anime and manga?? Most likely the question lingering many anime-manga fans when they visited ACGC -__-;

So last Sunday, I arrived at the venue at about 11am. Unlike on Saturday morning, the amount of cosplayers appeared kind of low. Most likely they’re saving it for the competition, appearing last minute. By noon, the amount picked up.

No Miyuki today ;_; And you can see same person, different cosplay. HOOOO~.. I also detected Mitsuki@HiMM 😀 Thank god the green alligator was not present.

Maids, always relevant to my interest :3

Next, my obligatory image dump. Enjoy..

Chick is seriously focusing thar

Loli kidnaping? oh shi!!

Com.Chaos to teh rescue

EFG, was there too


Up to this point, all the pics above was taken before 1pm. I actually missed the cosplay contest which begun as soon as I left, as I went to BMW-Sauber Pit Lounge on invitation with my friend for some F1 sensation. For an F1-fag, this chance cant be missed. Will post some coverage on this too.

Later by 5pm, I came back all the way from KLCC in hope I didnt missed out the Winner announcement. Moar pics dump.


Kind of big flame thar, Kyo

Kallen. Yeah, should go lower. *She gave permission for this shot 🙂

I shot someone. Nuuuuuuuu~
Asran x Cagali

And by 6pm, everyone gathers near the stage, for the cosplay winner announcement. Fuuh~, glad I didnt missed it. And below are the winners.

There was like few awards. I dont know who was the overall winner as I missed the contest LOL. What gives ¯\(º_o)/¯

At the end of the day, everyone is a winner, especially the cosplayers who gave a lively atmosphere despite most of them feels like being manipulated to pull crowd for the game events/booths.

And from some other picture gallery uploaded by anons, i missed a full load of cosplayers ;__; Well, I enjoyed it as i manage o get know a lot of cosplayers,local bloggers and fellow forum members, in real life.

Not so Ronery~ 😀

p/s: i forced my pentax to iso50, as iso200 failed hard on Sat’s pics >_<

*also check out more coverage on ACGC’08 Day 2 at:
Faye @ Mendokusene
Valho @ ToysWorkz
edited, and added a summary for some LuLz


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11 responses to “ACGC’08 Day2”

  1. Setsuna-san says :

    so we have marina now. where is setsuna?

    “Online games. Everywhere.. Where is my anime and manga?? Most likely the question lingering many anime-manga fans when they visited ACGC -__-;”

    same question i asked. looks like you had quite a good time.

  2. e-jump says :

    Well, the fun is there. Although I missed a lot of cosplayers due being away.

    Anyway, I enjoyed visiting the BMW Lounge too.. Free foodz, lots of em :p

  3. 涼宮春日 says :

    Let just say that is just a Online game fest~
    Luckily my little bro fetch some great stuff for the game~
    Sure are surprised, when there pack with people.
    Didn’t they say there will be some doujin booth?

  4. e-jump says :

    Its kind of a trend these days
    Any youth event, there might be a cosplay sub-event to pull the crowd.

  5. Setsuna-san says :

    the edit was awesome.

  6. Prim3 says :

    What’s with the mask at every photo with you inside at every event XD

  7. rain says :

    you should have gone lower for the kallen shot. *drools*

  8. faye says :

    That ‘ACGC in a nutshell’ picture = TOTALLY AGREE. No doujin booths/figure showcases :/ But overall the event was not FAIL thanks to cosplay.

  9. e-jump says :

    @Prim3 : If you mean that smiley mask, its a LOLwut emoticon meme of 4chan. The V mask is EgicFailGuy, also a meme..

    @rain : Yeah.. Hope can meet her again in future, ans she slimmed down moar.

    @faye : Yeah, pretty much sums it up. Cosplayers were complaining on CF forums about these >_< ..But everyone did had a good time despite the odds 😉

  10. Rin says :

    Too many online game…..too little time…
    It’s nice to see things like these around…
    Cosplayers there are cooler then what I see in most cons I go to…

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