Dead Fantasy II, by Monty Oum

Monty Oum Productions did it again. This time as promised, bringing us the sequel for Dead Fantasy, Dead Fantasy II. The clip was up on 24th March, so its kind of new news? :p Anyway, High Res here

Dead Fantasy series is actually a fan made clip, randering the 3D girls of DOA and FF to battle each other, etc etc. I sucks at 3D, so I believe this is not easy thing to do.

This time the clip is near 3 times longer then the previous one. And whats more, the ending of this clips looks like there will be more sequel to this. Well, Monty Oum already confirmed that there will be individual fight clips of every pairs.

About DF and DF II, I really like the fighting sequence. Really nice tag team fighting flows in it. The effects really made em even better. Monty Oum P. really did a nice plot flows and action to make a short action packed clip exciting.

Kudos to Monty Oum Productions. I believe these are their portfolio to showcase their skills in looking for some awesome jobs out there. Do check out more Monty Oum Productions stuffs on GameTrailers, and the High Res clips there (superior to Youtube quality).

Oh, If you missed the 1st Dead Fantasy, here it is:

High res here

*you can actually download DF1 in HD and SD format from the link to GT i put here. The option is on the same line as ‘Flash Quicktime Windows Media Download‘ 😉

**&fmt=18 really dont do justice >_<


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4 responses to “Dead Fantasy II, by Monty Oum”

  1. suneo says :

    hey I saw this just a couple days back! Some really crazy animation work. Very well done. Never seen DF1 so I went back and downloaded both in Hd lol. Only other animation I’ve seen from Monty Oum is the Samus vs. Halo video which was good, but not nearly as cool as this I think.

  2. e-jump says :

    Hay guys,
    DF2 high res and low res now available for download :p

  3. AngeL18wings says :

    I saw DF1 to 5, it was so cool!! but why Tifa has to Die or get unconcious?? LOL I am sOoO fan of final fantasy, I love Tifa very much..LOL I havent see the it out yet?..but even tifa got defeated Dead Fantasy is a really best video I ever saw man! cloud was so cool!! is sephiroth or even squall, zell, irvine, selphie or even Zidane is gonna be in the next videos to come?? it would be cool if the other bad guys will be there it up!!

    • e-jump says :

      Yeah, DF3-5 was premiered at anime Boston, and only recently available on HQ.
      Its still to soon to guess when DF6 will be out. DF3-5 took some time to get released, but MontyOum did it 3-in-1 shot

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