Maid reporting in

My 1st post for April. As you can see, a parcel just arrived to my doorstep. Nice looking PlayAsia box right there? Yeah, because this time, delivery was handled by FEDeX.

February and March was a meh~ period for me, as nothing much interest me to be added to my collection. So I you guys wondering what in the box, TADAA~

Another maid reporting in. And this time, its my favorite character Rider in maid 😀 GSC did it again, with a nice sculpt PVC. Havent let her out of her box yet.

This time I opted for Fedex because I thought her box was huge. According to PA, her weight is beyond 1kg. I preordered her from PA and got earlybird price at USD55. And I actually paid USD15 after using my Zecty refunded coupon (Yeah, my Zecty is totally lost in delivery ;__; ) Since assuming big box + cheap tag = custom get suspicious, I opted for Fedex. To my surprise, her box was only slightly larger than Saber’s.


On a closer pic on her, you can see that the glasses is actually an attachable accessory. Her stare is so … killing me softly~ Yeah, being a maid and Rider fag, this figure is a win for me. If only It were made in 1/6 scale ;__;

Yey to almost perfect box. But then again, im not a MISB collector. So as long the figure has no delivery/handling defects, I’m fine with it. Cant wait to out her with my Rin and Saber.

The last time I checked, Maid Rider is still available on PlayAsia here.


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11 responses to “Maid reporting in”

  1. gordon says :

    looking forward to out of the box photo shoot. ^^;

  2. e-jump says :

    If only I get a nice sunny weekend.
    Let see what can I do this week 😉

    *Even my Konomi and Tamaki havent had their photoshoot yet -.-;

  3. makie says :

    haha, full fate hollow antaraxia maid set…

  4. e-jump says :

    So far 3. yeah, hopefully theres the remaining 2, Sakura and Ilya :p

  5. sonic_ver2 says :

    OOhh… Complete set of Fate maids!

    I always liked meganekko maids, but i don’t really like Rider that much. It’s different if it’s Rin + megane + maid.

  6. makie says :

    lack of caster….hahaha

  7. rain says :

    how much premium did you pay for the shipping?

  8. e-jump says :

    @rain : paid around usd18 for fedex.
    Shouldn’t judge figure by weight anymore. For upcoming hauls, i’ll stick with free shipping from PA, and probably SAL from other places

  9. igorlexus says :

    Caster + maid = half of my ronery life saved ;_;

  10. suneo says :

    I vote for photo shoot soon lol! There was a time I really wanted this figure but eventually decided against it… Now I can feel like I own the figure through your pictures lol

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