Massive Plastics detected!!!

I was bored and sad as I missed the Man.U-Roma 2nd leg CL match this morning, so I went on internets as early as 5am. And i stumbled across this on SWATwolf‘s blog. Im not sure about the actual source, but pretty much sure its still 2008 related material.

In before massive “OH JEEBUS!!!” “THE FUUUUUUU****KKK!!!” “WANT NAO!!” “I WANT TO RAID HIM” etc etc.

I know I shat bricks, srsly O_o

*feel free to update me with sauce


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3 responses to “Massive Plastics detected!!!”

  1. makie says :

    holy shi-
    this is crazy….tat guy hasn’t bankrupt yet?

  2. Rin says :

    I saw this video before!!! Whoever this person is, this guy must have blown a fortune on all those figures!!! Still, that is like otaku heaven beein around all those figures…

  3. e-jump says :

    Japanese otakus are damn rich ;__;

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