Review: GSC Maid Trio pt1, Rider

And since the weather was hot and shiny yesterday evening, I took the opportunity to do some figure photoshoots in the garden. I shall bring you Maid Rider review.

If some of you still dont know the origin of these Fate/Hollow Ataraxia maids, theyre actually from this illustration below. Not sure the real source, possibly TypeMoon.

For FSN/FHA, Im actually a Rider and Caster fan, although I have only watched the FSN anime and still yet to play the VN. Mature looking waifus is always relevant to my interest >_<

Since I already did some preview on my Rider haul in my Maid reporting in post, I shall straight away go to opening the box/goodie.

Rider was packed with all the plastics around her to protect from chipped paint. Aside from that, GSC also includes 2 glasses, a pre-bent to fit, and another in virgin condition (see top left corner in pic). With this if one ever lost/dropped/vacuumed it, there’s a spare. Thanks GSC.

For the base, as usual as previous Saber and Rin base, they can be joint together (pics later below). From the pic, you can see there’s 2 mount holes under Rider’s boots, but only 1 tack on the base. Not sure the reason, but never fear, as Rider can stand still as she just plain standing still =__=”

Eventhough she just standing plain straight, isnt she just lovely :3 Sorry for the not-so-nice scenery. Was trying to switch to other spot in my garden.

Up close, sweet Rider is sweet. Her pupils is kind of square LOL. Even my Swimsuit Rider has square pupils. Its following the TM reference i guess.

Her outfit seem to blend nicely with free flowing feel, also her 2 long hair strands.

The clothes and head frills sculpts kind of detailed, with minor defects here and there. No obvious seamlines seen except on her hair.

Simple boots, but yet still detailed with no paint defect.

MEGANEKO MODE!!! This is how she look like when putting on her glasses.

Im not really sure whats the material used for the frame, but most likely a thin wire. Of course its just a frame without the glass optics.

And now her panties mode. I believe its kind of a trend for figures to at least have castoffable skirts/aprons. And GSC never fails to deliver this :3

For the panties department, nothing much to HOO-HAA about. Paintjob over here kind of decent, not perfect. Outlines, dull looking paints to name a few.

For those who like/want to display Rider in castoff panties mode, should consider this before getting her.

As for me, panties/castoff-ability was never a deciding factor to get a figure.

And this is how they look like when the trio bases are joint together. Everyone seems to be facing other ways for some reason =__=”

Figure info –
Company : Good Smile Company
Character : Rider Maid Ver. , Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Scale : 1/8
Sculptor : Masami Usiro
Release Date : April 08
Date purchased : April 08
Availability : Play-Asia, HobbySearch

*In case you guys still wondering why the post titled ‘GSC Maid Trio pt1’, thats because i will also do a review on my Rin and Saber too 🙂

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18 responses to “Review: GSC Maid Trio pt1, Rider”

  1. e-jump says :

    Replying to my own post
    You know what, i failed to arrange all 3 maids correctly.
    HS do have the correct arrangement pic here ->

  2. Prim3 says :

    For me, if I display her alone.. I will insert the peg into her right leg.. more center.. if display with Rin, I insert into left leg.. so that wont get into Rin’s way.. I wanna keep the lines on the base, horizontal towards me.. haha

    and there’s no correct or incorrect way to position them la.. as long as you like it only.. lol 😛

  3. Prim3 says :

    Oh ya.. I also display mine the same as yours.. ^^ lazy to take out Saber to reposition her 😛

  4. e-jump says :

    I notice all 3 ladies have same hole size under their feet, So i guess the base is also interchangeable, although placing Rider other than in the center will not make the trio looks balanced.
    For now, Im displaying them in my Detolf without joining their base
    Overall, Im satisfied with Rider besides having a hard time putting on her glasses. Looking forward to Ilya and Sakura, and hopefully Caster 🙂

  5. valho says :

    haha well your arrangement was pretty close. They look good together, now all you need is Ilya and Sakura ^^

  6. makie says :

    the 3 should b the full set rite? since the base is fully joined…anyway they looked nice…really nice…

  7. Setsuna-san says :

    LOL, i positioned her wrong as well then. =_=”
    Nice shoot. Im thinking of taking mine out for one as well but the weather lately is just horrifying.
    Now i wish for a Maid Caster to complete the Maid Servant trio.

  8. e-jump says :

    @makie : I believe we can have a few more figures with same base as Rider, so you can add more in between. Heck, its possible to joint few Riders as well for some lulz

    I hope there will be Caster, Sakura and Ilya, making half dozen Maid troop :p

  9. lu-k says :

    aaaahh maid, maid, and maid again xD
    They sure look great together, but I only like Rider (with glasses on). Based on the bases (uhuh) it seems Sakura and Ilya are not going to be maid (arf… so lame…)

    Plain standing isnt a problem at all, and it suits perfectly Rider. And like you said, mature looking maid is relevant ^^

  10. rain says :

    its the megane … rider goes from prim to mature with those glasses. the meido is ftw!

  11. e-jump says :

    @lu-k : yah, looking forward to more maids by GSC. For now, let see wat Koto from TH2 lineup can offer.

    @rain : megane is always a plus, especially when it can re-attachable. Maids is my moe weak spot >_<

  12. ron~ says :

    lovely picture 😀

    is it me only or her face is a lil bit off? ._.

    rin maid is still the best out of those 3 😀

  13. e-jump says :

    @ron : Maybe you got use to seeing Rider with mask.

    Rin pics/review is up, and auto trackback to my own blog LOL :p

  14. Smithy says :

    I love Rider! I have this Good Smile Company’s maid version figure of her on pre-order and I can’t wait for it to arrive! (Though it seems to be delayed at my supplier, darnit…)

    Also have Good Smile Company’s earlier Rider figure of her in combat gear and Alter’s quite delicious bikini version of her!

  15. e-jump says :

    Wow, you manage to get that GSC crouching Rider? I missed that one ;__;
    And I has the Bikini one by Alter too.

    Caster is another character relevant to my interest 😀

    Anyway, hope your Rider arrives safe and sound

  16. gordon says :

    nice outdoor shots. rider looks good in glasses. and now that u mentioned it, she does has square pupils! i didn’t notice that before. O_O

  17. e-jump says :

    @Gordon : Yeah. Kind of squarish.
    About the grass, I would prefer golf course kind of grass, where they look thinner and neat

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