Review: GSC Maid Trio pt3, Saber

And finally, bringing up a GSC Saber Maid ver. review. Its been some time since Rin Maid. Thanks to my short term memory lost.

Unlike maid Rin and Rider, Saber comes in a different flavor, the French maid, in black+white.

So here we have a shorter skirt, smaller apron and exposed upper chest. Is it just me, or it has always been French vs Victorian style maids? I dont really like Saber’s face expression, especially her mouth :s

A closer look on Saber’s ahoge, pretty well attached and well hidden seam lines. Not too shabby for the cap thing on her head too.

And the detailing of her hair, frilly stuffs here and there is ok, but not as good as Rin’s.

Closer look on French maid outfit from the front. Do the maid really wear than hand cuffs?

Flaw detected. A noticeable seam line on her high-socks laces. However, paint job still good.

The chair. I believe the chair was provided to make use of empty space on Saber’s base. Although i still prefer she to be given a broom or feather duster instead.


Kind of too simple white panties, yes? Nothing much to see here ;__;

However seeing Saber in panties mode here is kind of awkward. She looks rather skinny, with her simple slight-turn-around pose.

Overall this Saber French Maid is kind of so-so to me, if you compare her to Rin and Rider. And she will also be re-released this month.

Figure info –
Company : Good Smile Company
Character : Saber Maid Ver., Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Scale : 1/8
Sculptor : –
Release Date : Aug 07
Date purchased : Aug 07
Availability : Play-Asia

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11 responses to “Review: GSC Maid Trio pt3, Saber”

  1. gordon says :

    i think out of all the maid saber figure out there, this one is the best. the 1/6 version of her holding a mop and another holding her skirt (forgot which company) aren’t that nice looking.

  2. Rin says :

    WOW!!! I want it!!! Nice Saber Figure. Sadly, I don’t own any FSN maid figures. I would like to get one though.
    Nice Pictures!!!

  3. rain says :

    another figure that i’ll only have the opportunity to drool at.

  4. desudesu says :

    Tiny chair is tiny. What’s the point of…. THIS CHAIR! THIS CHAIR! THIS CHAIR! THIS CHAIR!

  5. e-jump says :

    @gordon : you mean clayz and alter? yeah, the face was more meh. But this Saber have a weird mouth, like she’s blowing something.

    @Rin & rain : GSC is re-issuing Rin and Saber at around 5000yen (~usd50) each. Go grab some 😀

    @desudesu : this chair, it does nothing =__=”

  6. Benjamin Takeyo says :

    Idk why but Saber’s ahoge stands out so much for me..

  7. makie says :

    this saber looks nice to me, but duno y i juz dun feel like buying…got the urge to buy but something is holding me off…

  8. suneo says :

    wish I had a backyard again to take private outdoor photos….of my figures i mean lol.

    The green in the background looks nice against Saber

  9. Ebaugh says :

    Thank you for this post 🙂

    Love it .. will deffo get ahead on it !!

  10. Peixoto says :

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  11. ro-PC says :

    Very exciting article

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