Real Die Hard Fan!

OH SHI!! This dude is sure a REAL die hard Yaguchi Mari fan of H!P.

I envy his obsession and determination to collect all those goodies. Cake? Ronery? ;__;

May look creepy to some, but i believe this is what a typical ‘real’ otaku looks like D:

Are you a real die hard fan of something? I’m a fan of few things, but not to the level of die hard.

*pic source was 4chan/jp/



7 responses to “Real Die Hard Fan!”

  1. LilKeV84 says :

    OMG! 1 glance i thought that was u ^^;;;;;

  2. e-jump says :

    I may be ronery, but not to that level ;__;

  3. Shin says :

    Meh, Sayumi has been my favorite and still is even today. Didn’t think you were into Momusu, e-jump.

  4. e-jump says :

    @shin : no, thats not me. NOOOOOOOOO
    i’m not into momusu.
    since my japanese sucks, i’ll just listen to animu OP and ED, and probably some nice songs came across on nico and youtube

  5. rain says :

    woa… if i could get that many of minorin’s stuff…

  6. makie says :

    u sure tats not u? lolx

  7. goncha says :

    that cool guys….

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