Man Utd won the UCL Hell yeah!!11

And so they won the Champions League. HELL YEAH. By 6-5 on penalties after 120mins of 1 -1 draw.

I watched the whole game, waking up 1am in the morning, and watched though till 6am. Jeebus, what an intensive game.

Tha game was played in Moscow at 11pm local time, what the hell?? 1st half was totally dominated by United, but 2nd half saw the emergence of Chelsea control.

Chelsea fans sure gonna get butthurt over Drogba’s red, Terry’s miss and Anelka spot kick blocked. Although Ronaldo is a looser himself, missing his spot kick. DUH~

The outcome? I might fall asleep at my cubicle today due to lack of sleep =__=”


3 responses to “Man Utd won the UCL Hell yeah!!11”

  1. gordon says :

    paul scholes finally got a piece of the action and glory. he deserve it since he missed out on the last champion league final in 1999.

  2. e-jump says :

    yeah, although he looks out like he was nearly out due to face injury after 25mins. However i would prefer man.u to win by more goals instead of penalties.
    VDS looks crappy with goal keeping, slipping here and there.
    Oh well, since football season ends, next would be Euro2008 and F1

  3. Setsuna-san says :


    but if you noted the pitch was horrible. people were slipping everywhere not just VDS. A lot of players got cramps as well.

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