US Distro for PVC figures?

So last week I went to search around for Kotobukiya Zecty as I do not have her in my collection due to some glitch in shipping from PA, and came across a good deal at KidNemo.

KidNemo seems to have a good bargain on US figure distro items. Some of you might not notice that some Japan PVC maker do have US channel distribution, thus this may lead to cheaper price for fellows in US. Some of the makers that i know that do have US distro are Kotobukiya USA, Griffon and Yamato USA.

From my past knowledge, US versions do have few difference compared to Japans version. They may have English printed box, less catchy/smaller box packaging, and a possible different colour variant.

I ordered my Zecty from KidNemo, but to be astounded that the shipping cost USD9.50+24.00 to Malaysia. Good deal was killed by shipping fees, so had to cancel it ;__;

Anyone has any US figure variant figures and notice any difference to Japan version? Well, I do have my Mizuho Wedding ver that comes in Pink instead of White and Black.

*US Koto Blanc Niege seems like a good bargain*


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10 responses to “US Distro for PVC figures?”

  1. Panther says :

    Shipping from US is usually priced like that. Shipping from Japan is probably only slightly cheaper. You can try local stores (Singapore) here, maybe the shipping is far cheaper. Not too sure about that though, since the actual cost of the product itself is already probably more expensive than the KidNemo product cost and shipping combined.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Panther: Any recomended online store besides La Tendo(sp?) .
    We here do have XL-shop. but the prices is quite premium, coz they bring the figures via flight(super fast in few days after official release of item).

  3. Panther says :

    La Tendo is right, and other than La Tendo (which I cannot be sure if they ship or not) the other one is KKnM, but those are mainly for preorders, doubt if they actually ship. You could check them out though.

    La Tendo’s website hardly gets updated on time, so you might as well email them with your query, should help a lot more. Boss is headed to Japan for work for some time though, so be sure to email him now (name is Reedy). Pass him my name (Panther) and he will be most glad to help you.

    The last option is eBay. Not a very good option, but I think Xecty is relative common and can be bought from Japanese sellers in eBay. Shipping should be a little less painful than from US, if so. Beware of bootlegs though.

  4. desudesu0 says :

    >From my past knowledge, US versions do have few difference compared to Japans version. They may have English printed box, less catchy/smaller box packaging, and a possible different colour variant.

    Nope, didn’t happen to mine. Packaging box for my 1/8 Konomi maid ver. by Kotobukiya looks exactly like the Japanese version, from what I’ve compared with various other Japanese fansites/places like moeyo/akibablog/akibahobby etc.

  5. valho says :

    The only variant use to be the box, but now Koto have standardized their boxes so it’s all the same now, no differenc. Figure wise it’s the same, no difference at all

  6. Rin says :

    I agree with Valho. Kotobukiya boxes are all the same. I also have Zecty. I think I go here for $35. Good deal for me…

  7. e-jump says :

    Well, my Yamato Mizuho box is english all over it. Cant remember Griffons box though.
    Then again, I only has 1 yamato, and maybe all yamato boxes has been in english.

  8. suneo says :

    I read somewhere that somebody got a US distributed Bome figure, and found out that it was not cast-offable whereas the japanese version was >.>

    I have Elwing and Blancneige US figures preordered myself. Considering vampire Clalaclan too…

  9. Seine says :

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Seine.

  10. e-jump says :

    @seine : sorry. that might just proves how bad my english is ;__;

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