Packing my figurines

The time has come again, for me to pack my figurines. Am I moving? Nope, not moving.

In 8 hrs time C2AGE’08 will be held, and and once again me and pal will open up a small display booth to display and share some of our collection to public. Its been some time since I last doing this display thingie. This might be my last participation for this year as I will be away for a period ;__;

I do enjoy sharing some of my collection for display. But theres 2 main things that I hate doing, packing and transporting. Its a tedious task to pack em up properly and hoping no damage and missing items. Since I’ve been busy these past few days, I put all my stuff in a box box, and use polystyrene as cushions. Why not put then in their box you ask? Thats because it may consume 3 times more space =__=

See you guys at C2AGE’08, although I’m not giving high hopes for it.



7 responses to “Packing my figurines”

  1. Shin says :

    Darn. Would have love to see your stuff at Taylor’s too. Oh well. Godspeed.

  2. rain says :

    enjoy urself!

  3. Aiko says :

    AHHH.. i only slept for damn freaking one hour =.=;;;
    cant wait to see ya later btw~
    my box of figurine is like so heavy =.=;
    add on with the artbooks those tough.

  4. e-jump says :

    @Shin : Yeah. Cant do much. I need to travel away due to work ;__;

    @rain : lets hope the attendance will be decent enough.

    @Aiko : yeah, its kind of nonsense for an event to start as early as 8am.
    It feels like getting back to schooling days (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

    As usual, i’ll share some of the event pics later

  5. Serene says :

    Wa.. and I tod you were throwing them away 😡 jk jk hehe.. hope ya enjoy ^^

  6. suneo says :

    Hehe looks like one of those ball pits at those kiddy pizza arcade places. Your figures must be having a blast in those peanuts when you’re not looking :O

  7. LilKeV84 says :

    haha thanks for joining the exhibit! ^^ will miss having u, so once u’re back…we’ll have defo another XD

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