Cosplay Comic Anime Games Exhibition 08

Last Saturday me and fellow friends had a figure display booth. Its been a while since the last time we did this was in January. This time we were at C2AGE’08 for a day at HELP University College.

We were informed that the event will start at 8am, and I arrived there around 7.45am. Kind of super early I must say as all our previous event usually starts around 9.30am.

Apparently this event were held in the main lobby and corridor instead of a big hall. And to number of booth participant was rather small.

But we were surprised that we were allocated with 4 L-shaped tables for our TheFigureMall booth figure display. What an ample space for use to arrange the figures nicely. Somehow I cant take a decent pictures as my camera fails with the lighting condition. Flash-on delivers harsh pictures ;__;

Aiko and Kev had a small art corner where they stick up some artworks from various artist. Borderline SFW pictures >_>

Hell yeah, acquired my Kotobukiya Kureha from TFM. More on her in other post :3

Eventually the opening ceremony begins at 10.00am. Duh~ It started out with some speeches, but I was guarding my booth, so no pictures on those.

Somehow the crowd remains stale even time passing noon. What the hell??!!

The cosplay even kicks off around 12.30pm. And pic above shows the cosplay participants. Some of them are original characters as so they introduced. But isnt it troublesome for judges to judge ‘original’ characters with no reference what not? There are few other decent cosplayers, but they seem uninterested with the contest.

I didnt manage to stay long as I went to office for some task needed to be done ;__; But by the time I came back to the venue, which about 3.30pm, the whole event somehow ended. WTF!!!??

So here’s a pic for our mascot of the day, Aiko-chan.

Fasem hunting a Misa² cosplayer for some photoshoots.

Overall, despite the unsuccessful event, me and fellow pals do enjoyed our mini gathering, as we chat more and get to know each other better. This might be my last con participation for this year, but thanks to Kev, Aiko, Valho, Exile_Gundam, Fasem, Makie, Kodomo and Flame13 for the fun.


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13 responses to “Cosplay Comic Anime Games Exhibition 08”

  1. Fariz Asuka says :

    You are one lucky person to have Kotobukiya’s Kureha.. I’m searching high and low for it and cant find from any source..

    Anyway, the event looks awesome.. So many figurines to take picture.. Too bad the event last for half a day.. 😦

  2. makie says :

    make sure u come for CF08….hehehe

  3. LilKeV84 says :

    haha yah like makie said, this is not the end for this year, there’s still CF 08 XD
    now that we will all defo make it HUGE! ^^

  4. e-jump says :

    @Fariz : But MaxFactory Kureha was far more superior. I got mine from TheFigureMall 🙂 Satisfied with her. Yeah, half a day, was the least I expected.

    @Makie & Kev : Hope I’m able to be back in time for CF, which most likely yes.

  5. Prim3 says :

    Luckily you went away.. else you shall see more of those “little girl fantasies” at work.. hint: referring to Aiko’s great works 😛

  6. desudesu says :

    >You are one lucky person to have Kotobukiya’s Kureha.. I’m searching high and low for it and cant find from any source..

  7. LilKeV84 says :

    my figmas TT

  8. Rin says :

    Too bad at the conventions and events no one does this…

  9. e-jump says :

    Not sure the reason, but either lack of PR ads, or it got ignored by the community.
    I sunno ¯\(º_o)/¯

  10. Azusa no Megami says :

    Well, it a nice event I had, too bad there aren`t many cosplayers who joined the event. I play a character from Jigoku Shoujo, Honne-onna with my fren who is Enma Ai…..It`s a great experience for me….Now I`m fired up to play a character from Chobits, Chii in my next cosplay! Huhuhu….

  11. e-jump says :

    @Azusa: Good luck in your next event. I dont think i’ll be cosplaying anytime sooner. But I will always try to attend Cons if its within my reach.

  12. Anime says :

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  13. Games says :

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