What you do for a living?

Yesterday DesuDesu asked me, what do I do for a living and manage to afford to buy figurines? *Figurines aint cheap these days.

I’m a Test Engineer in a computer storage company and my job is to test the feature functional integrity. And I’m not a part time super sentai LOL (picture unrelated).

While my paycheck isnt big, I still save a lot  by living under my parents roof and using the car passed down to me for transportation ~( ̄∇ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

I know some people able to make use of their writing and programming skills and able to generate side income rolling in via web. Good for them.

Being brought up with good discipline in handling monies, I’m still able to control my figure spending. I’m kind of lucky to met other figure collectors like Kev, Valho, Aiko and Exile_Gundam, where we once in a while gather and did some figure display booth. Theres no reason for me to buy EVERYTHING that I like 🙂

What do you do for a living?

*An advice, dont make your hobby a burden to you financially and/or socially ヽ(´ー`)ノ


11 responses to “What you do for a living?”

  1. desudesu says :


    Surprising how nobody replied to this, after it’s been up so long. What’s the matter? You’re all mafia drug lords or something? ¯\(º_o)/¯

  2. valho says :

    oh how I wish i am a mafia drug lord, thn buying figures won’t be a problem would it haha. Unfortunately I am just a lowly paid graphic designer, fortunately it’s enough to support my figures purchases ^^

  3. gukichan says :

    oAo and I was fooled.. *Cries*

  4. e-jump says :

    tears were shed ;__;
    simce i’m getting a dslr, i guess my collection wont be growing for a while

  5. makie says :

    get me a dslr also…

  6. rain says :

    wow ur an engineer too? i didn’t know that…

  7. e-jump says :

    @rain: Hay, an engineer can be an otaku wannabe too, you know >_<

    @makie: im still scouting a good deal for A300.

    My Elwyn should be arriving this week.

  8. Prim3 says :

    paycheck not big eh? but still able to get so many figures and a dslr? 😛

  9. theyoungmessiah says :

    Id rather have no clothing then live with my parents for longer than i have to.

  10. e-jump says :

    well, the more i minimize my spending, the more closer i am to be a millionaire


  11. theyoungmessiah says :

    why dont you sell your doles and put a down payment on a condo. How old are you anyways?

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