She has arrived, my Elwing

キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!!!

When I reached home from office after enduring 1hr traffic jam, she has been waiting. Yey~

Parcel arrived in perfect shape. 0 dent or damage yey. Kind of a small package. Lately my parcer from PA has been fine.

Elwing will be my 6th Shining character in my collection after Ryuna (Eyescream), Mao (Eyescream), Clalaclan (Kotobukiya), Seena, (Kotobukiya), and Kureha (Kotobukiya). This will be my last figure to arrive when im still in MY. Houmei (Eyescream) will arrive while I’m away.

Side by side box comparison with Kureha. Super small yes. Elwing’s box is as small as Seena’s, so shipping is expected to be cheap (but mine is free anyway).

Not sure when I will have time do some photoshoots as theres a lot of pics pending from TH2 maids and Kureha =__=”

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10 responses to “She has arrived, my Elwing”

  1. valho says :

    great buy, she looks so cute, and the box is in perfect condition compare to wat happen to my Kanu box

  2. Panther says :

    WTF she was released earlier than planned!

    Also regarding your comment in She was released on the 9th of this month, not two weeks ago. I just checked her release date in the top 150 daily rankings, they listed it as 9th June.

    She will be my third, after Max Factory’s Elwing and Blanc Neige. I only like them, Kureha, Celestia and Mao, but MF’s Kureha is just impossible to find now.

  3. e-jump says :

    @valho: i guess it depent on luck. But so far all my small parcel was ok, but bigger ones do has some/slight damage.

    @panther: but when i preordered her, im pretty much sure she was scheduled to be released by late may. Oh well, mine came safe. Hopefully I can have a relaxing weekend so i can do some photo session.

    Maybe I should put all my Shining girls together and take a pic too 😀

  4. lu-k says :

    woho nice purchase. Can’t wait to see the all Shining Crew together 😀
    Seena is still the one I prefer, since I am not really into elves. But she looks lovely.

  5. rain says :

    nice, i like the comparison between kureha and elwing. nice contrast there!

    i just got one big shipment, but lucky it’s a big box and it’s virtually has no bad dents… still some unnoticeable dents were present though

  6. sonic_ver2 says :

    I’m still confused in how to spell her name. As far as i know, her name in the game is Elwyn. I guess they made this based on the katakana.

  7. suneo says :

    Ooh that’s a pretty box. Nice greens and whites. I have my Elwing pre-o’d from a local import store, so won’t be getting her in till a month or so later.

    I hate you for getting free shipping from play-asia >< lol. Can cost upwards of $21 for some figures on regular air economy shipping -_-

    I think either Elwyn or Elwing is ok to spell her name. Personally I like Elwyn more…it sounds more elfish lol. But in the Shining tears/wind official artbook, they spell it Elwing, so I’ve been going by that nowadays.

  8. e-jump says :

    Green and white always harmonize together. While I’ve yet place and order on Blanc and Xecty, Houmei is pretty much secured.
    Free shipping yey, but not all figurines were offered on PA

  9. Bryan says :

    Um, may I know where your Elwing is made??? I want to check coz mine is made in China.. It’s written under the box. Plz mail me you reply.

  10. e-jump says :

    @Bryan: Dont worry. All figures are manufactured in china these days.
    However to tell if its not bootleh, you can check the quality of the hairstrands detailing, face and fingers.
    Despite its a 1/8 figure, Koto tend to be very detailed and look right

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