Bagman, new home for my gears

Just got this yesterday. Another Minimal wallet damage dealt again. Its a Bagman a.k.a. Caseman CA05-A01S, a new home for my A300.

After lurking around some recommended shops in KL for a bag for a week, decided to get this over bigger backpacks and smaller holsters. With this, I either can cary it alone as slingbag, or tug it in a bigger backpack if I were to went longer distance traveling.

This slingbag is so damn compact, with 2 adjustable dividers in it and 2 pockets. Just nice for me to fit in Body+lens, 1 extra lens, and battery charger. I may need to think of a way to fit in flash in future >__>

Since im bad at price bargaining, I’ve paid rm150(usd47) for this where other people may got it at 2/3 the price. What is done is done ;__;


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6 responses to “Bagman, new home for my gears”

  1. Aoshi says :

    ‘Njoy ur AIDS… i haven’t found a bag yet. ;_;

  2. e-jump says :

    monies were sacrificed greatly this month ;__;

  3. Prim3 says :

    Wow.. another purchase.. not bad.. just tat.. as u said. not very for the future since so few compartments.. where you get it?

  4. e-jump says :

    @Prime: I got mine at J-One amCorp mall.
    After googling, found out AllIT is letting got at rm80. Not sure if its the same thing.
    Easiest alternative, ditch one lens, put in flash. But for now, placing my a300 sideways made it easy for it to be pulled out

  5. Luq says :

    Oh nice bag there ;_;

    Anyway , igorism is dead ! please update to for lulz

  6. Rin says :

    Real nice bag. Nice bag for a camera!!!!!

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