Review: TH2 Tamaki Maid Ver.

And now its my 2nd ToHeart 2 maid installment, Tamaki Kousaka~

Tamaki Kōsaka (向坂 環 Kōsaka Tamaki?) is also childhood friends with both Konomi and Takāki: the two see her as an older sister. She left them when they were both children, having to go to an all-girls boarding school. Her promise to come back to Takāki and Konomi in the final year of high school is what prompted her to leave her boarding school. In the game, she is one year ahead of Takaaki.

She is very confident and comes from a rich family. She is well versed in traditional Japanese arts and traditions, yet still is a modern girl in her own right. In her group consisting of Konomi, Takāki and Yūji, she is the strong and dominant personality and is acts as the older-sister figure. She often addresses herself as “Tama-oneechan”.

Thank you Wiki..

For some reason, I find that Kotobukiya didnt get it right with this Tama-nee as her eyes somewhat looks to big and …dull? >_>

Putting the eyes aside, the sculpt as a whole is nice and pretty detailed. Maids outfits are always needed to be as detail with the frills ans stuffs. While the color theme is same with Konomi’s outfit, but Tama-nee’s skirt is shorter.

Tama-nee has an unique long twin-tail red hair. Have yet to see her clone from other eroge/anime as of yet. Do share if you know others.

Wait, WAT? Fingernails? On my 1/8 Kotobukiya figures? Its more likely than you think. Even my 1/8 GSC figures dont have em.

Her right shoe is not attached to her feet, so you can either put it dangling on her toes, or leave it on the ground. No spare shoe provided, so make sure you dont loose it.

While Tama-nee dont have a base, she came with a single seater sofa instead. THIS CHAIR. The sofa is made out of pvc. The contour of a butt in the right was pre-shaped. The lower part of the sofa is hollow.

Obligatory panty shots. Pantyhose yey~ But panty detailing is barely decent. And her right thigh do not have smooth surface.

Overall Tama-nee in maid really match her personality towards Taa-kun. Would love to have an older sister like her :3 While I like her maid moe, Koto should have made her eyes better. But still other detailed parts should made up for that.

Figure info
Company : Kotobukiya
Character : Tamaki Kousaka Maid ver
Origin : ToHeart 2
Scale : 1/8
Sculptor : Houjun Otoyama
Release Date : Jan 08
Date purchased : Jan 08

*check out her gallery here

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10 responses to “Review: TH2 Tamaki Maid Ver.”

  1. Sora says :

    Eh, i think i saw this on PA having the weekly special thingy ?
    Or was it on another Tamaki figurine ?

  2. e-jump says :

    That one was Tamaki swimsuit ver

  3. desudesu says :


    It mentioned nothing about Tama-nee being a huge bitch when she was younger, and forcing the main character guy and Yuuji to do all kinds of terrible things, like eating sand, worms, bullying them around etc.

    In fact, she was so uncontrollable that her parents had to send her to some countryside school for 10 years or so, so that she wouldn’t be such a huge bitch.

    tl;dr Tama-nee is a bitch, she’s not all onee-chan moe

  4. Optic says :

    Now this is a shot I would buy ^^

  5. e-jump says :

    @Desu: whats the matter, too tsun-tsun sadistic for you?

    @Optic: LOL. But yeah, she can be put like that too, although the contour on the sofa will be revealed.
    Stockings and panties lacks frills and laces Boo~

  6. Rin says :

    I’ve been thinking on getting this, but I wasn’t sure. Now I’m going to get it!!!!!
    Nice pictures!!!!!!

  7. e-jump says :

    @Rin : thanks. But pics were still using my old cam. Kureha upwards will have new cam snapshots :p

  8. Ani says :

    Been thinking of getting this one, will wait a bit see if It’s ever on sale. nice site!

  9. e-jump says :

    She is nice indeed. But Konomi moe is superior :3

  10. meimi132 says :

    I agree with the eyes things. They dont seem as character-ful as they should… Haven’t got enough life. Dull was the word I was probably looking for in my review lol.

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