Heading California hoo~

In 4hrs time, I’ll be leaving Malaysia and head for GMT -7 California yey ⊂====(^ω^)====⊃

Might be missing MY for a while. If theres any Conventions nearby, hopefully I can give it a visit and do some coverage.


13 responses to “Heading California hoo~”

  1. maggie says :

    good luck on your trip..hope you have a wonderfull time here in california!

  2. meronpan says :

    if you’ll be in/near LA on the 4th of July weekend, there’s Anime Expo ^_^ itterasshai! errr i guess since i’m in cali, i guess it’d be youkoso! ^_^

  3. Luq says :

    Safe journey bro. :3

  4. Panther says :

    Bon voyage. California is a nice place to be going to at this time of the year, IIRC. Unless El Nino messed it up lol.

  5. e-jump says :

    Thanks for the greetings and wishes guys.
    Now I’m in Hong Kong,enroute to LAX. Flight to LA departs in 30mins

    @meronpan: not sure if i can make it, but i’ll try.

  6. Rin says :

    Be waiting on your trip report when you get back!!!!!!
    Have a fun time in California!!!!!!

  7. suneo says :

    What’re you up to in Cali?
    Looks like a lot of people here from Cali, including me 😛 Welcome!

  8. e-jump says :

    Finally. INTERNETS!!!111
    I’ve arrived in LAX on 21st 2.15pm. Since then I’m in Lake Forest. I’m here on business trip. Kind of a hot summer temp as it reaches 3-digits F on a sunny afternoon >_<”

    I’m now on my friends lappy,as i dont have a pC. Browsing frys and newegg to get some parts. So far so good. Hope I got enough interesting material to post once i have my own PC. (most likely weekly update or something).

    Is there any other upcoming events besides AX, nearby?

  9. valho says :

    hey e-jump, reach Cali already. ahh gonna miss you for the upcoming event here.

  10. LilKeV84 says :

    haha good to hear u arrived! ^^

    take care there, we’ll be waiting for u to return XD

    and yes, do give coverage from there 😛 since got nice camera, no excuse liao XD

  11. suneo says :

    Frys in store has a cheap deal you may get around with unless you’re goin for something better lol. Celeron 430 + ECS GF7100pvt-m for $59. That’s for Fry’s stores up here in the bay area, though most of the times socal has the same deals lol

  12. suneo says :

    oh sorry right upon posting that I noticed that that was a one day sale lol. Well keep checking Fry’s cuz they have some surprisingly cheap cpu + mobo combos from time to time lol

  13. e-jump says :

    thanks suneo for the updates.
    still looking for a good deal to get a cheap desktop or a sub usd600 lappy.
    its been a week since my last blog post =__=”

    I might miss AX since i have no one to go with ;__;

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