My new toy just arrived, Tablet

The parcel

On sunny Thursday afternoon yesterday, I recieved a large parcel. Oh hey, my new toy just arrived :p

Now let see what in the box.

The content

Its a small laptop/notebook. Yep, I just ordered a tx2500z custom from HP Online ealy July as I do not have a computer in my hotel room. This is one of the best bang of the buck for a latest Puma platform lappy and its ultra portable. & my spec

Since I will not be gaming on this little computer, this X2 RM-70 processor should be sufficient to catter my needs, with best power management/consumption. Got a good deal from where it included instant rebate and free shipping. But yeah, sales tax still applied ;__;

FedEx delivery

My customized tx2500 was estimated to be ready by 14th July on the day I ordered it, although I doubt it should take that long for downgrading to Vista32 and free extra ram. But it was ready by 8th July. Then the free shipping was estimated the next 5days, but i got mine by the 3rd day. FedEx tracking shows it comes from China, en-route to Alaska and final destination, in Cali.

Glossy body

The screen

Besides the transformable to tablet mode, it comes with multimedia remote too. Cool portable media computer. But i doubt i’ll be needing it as the screen is only a puny 12′.
With this, now i can get on the INTERNETS from my room. Now what I need is a nice small nice solid bag to protect this when travelling 🙂
So far this is the most expensive item i had bought via online. ~usd1000 is serious business. Not sure if i want to try ordering pizza Hut in Cali via online >_<
I’m very satisfied HP & FedEx customer service. The HP personel helped me all the way regarding my payment issue.
*Let see how long can it last before causing me headaches.
Do expect more frequent update on my blog 😀

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7 responses to “My new toy just arrived, Tablet”

  1. Dan Waldron says :

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. LilKeV84 says :

    haha welcome to the tablet gang XD
    so nice got a tx2000 series, mine is only tx1000, no digitizer 😛

  3. Rin says :

    It’s always nice to get a new toy…laptop…
    I want to upgrade mine but sadly…most of my funds are to my otaku goods in Japan…

  4. e-jump says :

    well, i do really need one while im here.
    the only downside of this tx2500 tablet is the weight.
    such a heavy tablet ;__;

  5. LilKeV84 says :

    haha if its the same wif mind, throw the optical drive out and put the cover 😛
    its light compared to normal lappies ^^ i wunder how’s the weight of other tablets from IBM etc

  6. Bakugans says :

    It was really great! thanks for sharing this great information.

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