The typical OSes (platform).. LOL

Somewhat true in a way.  I did have some experience of using all OS platforms except FreeBSD. I believe Fedora and Ubuntu falls under Linux.

You need to compile your own apps for Linux or use the apt-get repo server. The interface is similar to windows, thus Windows user wont have a hard time with it. However once you get too used to wondows apps, it will be troublesome to get with open office and such. Duh~

OS X, or Mac on the other hand have a weird single button mouse >_< No doubt the interface is nice. I still dont understand why it catters for movies and artists? The processors?

While for windows, pretty much got used to it for years now. Been using since Win 3.11 or whatever it was called. Well, the BSoD greets do annoys me one in a while. But if you know what you’re doing, it will behave.

Whats your pick?

*in before Win x Mac x Linux rage

**source is ichigo mashimaro, by 4chon /a/non i guess


And today, i finally changed my blog time from GMT +8 (MY) to UTC -7 (USA, CA daylight saving time).

Duh~ ಠ_ಠ

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4 responses to “The typical OSes (platform).. LOL”

  1. ron~ says :

    hehe funny

    Mac uses 2 buttons mouse for a while now. And mac is actually UNIX, it is Darwin based (which is BSD but renamed by apple)

  2. e-jump says :

    Which explains why i had issues with Mac OS9 (was os9 still use single button mice?). I was like, WTH?!

    In the end, i dumped my ubuntu too as it doesnt detect my old motherboard NIC when i fire up my old system. But i still ike the multiple desktop tab on linux distros, as you can hide your whole desktop if someone is around.

  3. Saku says :

    The multiple desktop tabs is awesome :). I am a windows user for a very long time and just recently started playing around with ubuntu and openBSD.

    I installed openBSD (heard it’s a nice server os) on my old system and it confused the hell outta me lol. I removed it a day after with ubuntu which still takes time for me to get used to linux OS. I use it as a folding box.

    OSX is a nice OS and very easy to use. Less work to maintain than a Windows pc and easy to do backup and upgrade. I have couple graphic designers friends and they said they don’t like the new MAC with intel core 2 duo in it because sometimes it crashes. They prefer the old mac before the intel core 2.

    I would have chosen OSX if it could be installed on a PC (I know there is a way to do this but takes a lot work I think) so until that time comes, I stick with windows ^^

  4. 俊少 says :

    hehe. That funny, and i love it!
    I still think Mac is better, can’t say why, maybe is because the other is suck?

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