Living in Cali. [week 6] EarthQuake

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So today was my 1st experience ever, to feel a real earthquake. It was a….. an undescribed experience for me, who has been living in a free quake country Malaysia.

The quake that shakes South California today was at scale 5.x magnitude. At that time, i was in a meeting on the 2nd floor.

The strongest shake was felt around noon for like a minute or two. My superiors continued the meeting for the lulz ¯\(º_o)/¯ According to my colleagues, this is the stronges over the years. Maybe I should consider to get a life insurance ▿_▿



10 responses to “Living in Cali. [week 6] EarthQuake”

  1. PrototypeM says :

    I heard about that.
    The good thing is I live in Northern California.

  2. Panther says :

    Earthquake free SG here as well. Meh I would not like to experience a bad one. A volcanic eruption is something else.

  3. e-jump says :

    And the news is showing of the aftermath, and the possibility of another bigger ones. Now im scared of getting crumbled under piles of bricks.
    Oh shi~

  4. makie says :

    u better ask ur colleague or search the web for some safety procedure during earthquake…

    letz go japan XD go hav a look at the figure thread…lol

  5. Rin says :

    Quakes can get dangerous…
    I consider you should get it!!!!!!
    I myself had never experience it yet, and I hope it stays that way.

  6. George says :

    thanks god u r ok. but 5.x should be okay. i would be surprised if anyone gets hurt in California at scale 5.x magnitude earthquake.

  7. optic says :

    I will be ducking undercover in any place I can or running out into open space.
    I never experienced one for real but when I do, I don’t think I will do that but instead panic for the sake of which I may die. @_@

  8. e-jump says :

    Thanks for the tips and concerns guys.
    KTLA morning programme did have some survival tips aired. And yes, ducking under table is in the list too.

    The shake in LF/Irvine was weaker than in LA. It should be lower than 5. Since most building is having wooden floor, its difficult for me to differentiate a quake or someone stomping around hard @_@

  9. meronpan says :

    up here in northern cali it’s been awhile since anything’s really scary… although we do have quite a history ^^;; nothing i’d worry about though… too infrequent to really do anything but stock up on emergency supplies if you’re living here…

  10. Kuya says :

    Hah! My family and I went down to LA for vacation when it happened. We happened to be in a building designed specifically to withstand the stuff. It was pretty fun from my end. I mean, obviously people who were hurt/had things damaged wouldn’t think so, but from where I was it was just kinda funny.

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