My first Figma, Nanoha

this parcel this parcel this parcel

And i cant stop with online shopping. The convenient of shopping via this method is too joyful to be missed. Anyway, my 1st figure order just arrived by noon.

This is my 1st figure shopping in States. I ordered Figma Nanoha from, an online shop that i believe located somewhere in South California. This is also my 1st Figma and 1st Max Factory figure.

Before this I was reluctant to get into all these small action figure faggotry (revoltech, etc). Kept reminding myself its small and overpriced. I wonder what made me change my mind to get Nanoha.. hmmm ┐(´д`)┌

At 1st i though my parcel looks kind of beaten-up, because the edges didnt look aligned. Luckily is was just the box got modified just to fit small figma box. Big bubble wrap to protect the item inside.

I ordered my figma on the 22th July, but somehow the order process was kind of slow to my experience. However the deal was reasonable and the variety of delivery method really impress me. You can choose from normal USPS delivery to FeDeX next day arrival. Since im located in SoCal too, even cheapest delivery took a short time, as in 2days.

I did emailed OtakuFuel a few times regarding my order status. Maybe because I nag/complaint too much they sent in a free Sasuke pin-up badge as gift =___=

Overall I’m satisfied with the purchase. However I noticed that figure releases in USA are kind of late, up to more than a month later than Japan. Are you guys in USA patience enough to wait?

Currently im too busy with my work, maybe I can play with Nanoha over the weekend. Must get Fate too :3

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22 responses to “My first Figma, Nanoha”

  1. optic says :

    My Nanoha is on it’s way. Should get it by next week.
    Congratz on ur first figma. Not only they are cheap but fun to play with. ^^

  2. sai says :

    check ur nanoha front hairpiece…should be quite loose…hehe, mine and other ppls’ also the same…how much u get tat for + delivery?

    my figma fate should be arriving at kev around next week or so…kekeke

  3. e-jump says :

    @optic: Thanks. Yeah, cant wait to play with her. But need to get her companion too.

    @Sai: I got mine for usd28.95 + 4.80 for delivery. Not too shabby. But wont be able to get Fate anytime soon here >_<

  4. meronpan says :

    nanoha! yeah, the us based stores have a terrible release schedule. it’s frustrating when there’s delays and all they can tell you is, “sorry, it’s delayed by our distributor and there’s nothing we can do.” i really don’t mind the later schedule if it’s consistent, but unexplained (and unpublished!) delays (they list a date, date passes, you e-mail them, and get, ‘oh sorry, it’s delayed’) are worrisome and i’ve started to look to other options because of that. Sales tax for the california based stores also cuts away at potential shipping savings so i’m looking at it as paying a little premium for piece of mind.

  5. Rin says :

    I want your Nanoha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really want it!!!!!!!
    Serious I want it so bad!!!!
    As a Figma fanboy I want it!!!!!!!!!

  6. e-jump says :

    @meronpan: LOL yeah, and somehow i just placed an order for Fate on HLJ. How do i shop/pay at HLJ? ¯\(º_o)/¯

    @Rin: This is MINE!!111 ( ¯3¯)
    Well, Nanoha is still pretty much still available online.

  7. Prim3 says :

    hahaha.. so u’re officially into the figma gang 😛

  8. Setsuna-san says :

    welcome fellow figma addict!!
    get Fate and do some yuri poses.

  9. e-jump says :

    Well, i just ordered my figma Fate.
    Guess I’ll wait for her to arrive before opening Nanoha.

    Sigh, high workload, no time to play ;__;

  10. gordon says :

    lol @ free Sasuke pin-up badge. that’s as good as nothing.

    btw bro i have moved to a new blog,
    will be great if u can update your blogroll to reflect the new address. thanks.

    i have added u as well. cheers.

  11. e-jump says :

    Well, its free anyway.
    Currently pin it up on my spongebob that i got from SeaWorld.

    Jeebus, i should upload my SeaWorld trip pics >_<

  12. Saku says :

    Nice purchased for your first figma 🙂

  13. Poofiemus says :

    I’ve noticed the lag in US imports too. I think it’s because the company that imports them, AAA Anime, picks the cheapest bulk shipping possible. In fact, I’ve seen the lag end up as much as two months! On top of that, because of import costs, US retailers end up charging more than Japanese ones. That’s why I’ve started going to HLJ–because if you choose their cheap-but-slow shipping option, figures are actually cheaper than buying from the US. >.< It’s kind of stupid.

    By the way, Figma Nanoha has a minor factory defect where her bangs are loose–just look up “fixing loose joints” on; his glue trick might sound risky, but it worked like a charm on my Nanoha’s bangs.

  14. Poofiemus says :

    Oh, by the way, HLJ uses Paypal. Nice and simple. 🙂

  15. e-jump says :

    @Saku: Thanks

    @Poofiemus: Hey, thanks for the tips.
    I have yet to open my nanoha, but i will keep in mind to check her bangs.
    Yeah, i already paid for my Fate, its just that the HLJ payment prodedures not as straight forward as on PA.
    *you need to go at a page, select ‘ship this’ and wait for estimate cost to be paid mail.

    I hope by next week a can get my Fate :3

  16. desudesu0 says :

    Eww, look at their banner printed on the invoice, how NORMALFAG. I’d stay as far away from them as possible.

    Also, I’d feel insulted for receiving a nartuo badge, if I were you.

  17. desudesu0 says :

    >Sigh, high workload, no time to play ;__;
    Yet you have time to boast about receiving a $20 overpriced plastic and respond to everyone’s replies. Irony D:

  18. Saku says :

    @desudesu0: LOL

  19. e-jump says :

    I dont mind what kind of banner do they have, be it naruto, lucky shit, harushit or even aya hirashit etc etc. As long its cheap and delivers my item, i’ll buy from them.

    Also i dont give fuck if you dont like the badge, because they send it to me for fucking free.

    Besides, its my fucking USD allowance for the lulz

  20. rain says :

    I have a few Fate figmas for sale! XD *advertising*

  21. Nomad says :

    everyone seems to be getting nanoha lol, I need to get her too!!
    ordering things from America is expensive for me cause the postage costs a bitch, but its worth it if i can’t get the figures anywhere else, i would suggest checking out Kidnemo, they have a great range and are pretty reliable to me so far!

  22. e-jump says :

    Most likely because the StrikerS faction really looks suitable with pose-able action figure, especially with the staffs provided.
    I did once tried KidNemo, but the shipping cost somewhat high. So far AnimeUSA had the fastest order processing speed for me.

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