Why cant MY Otaku have nice things?

Belldandy.. Halp us!!

Belldandy.. Halp us!!

This is not the 1st time Malaysian (MY) otaku receive unjustice from the local media. Around last year(or was it 2 years ago), one of the local tabloid here made a baseless article where the author generalizing anime as hentai.

And recently the same daily tabloid Harian Metro did it again, and this time they aim at figurines. You can check out the 2 articles over at Valho’s ToysWorkz. Ar they picking up a fight against Otaku?

Not only they generalize all Japanese figurines as nude erotic statues, they also labeled the collectors as someone who had weird fetish, and this hobby if for wealthy people. Wait..WAT?

However I do agree on a point that some anime merchandise chain store becomes to daring in displaying erotic figures openly in their display box, and this is wrong in many ways.

But please, blaming on anime and manga in general as in they’re hentai like what they pointed sometime ago, while making a blind eye over the existence of Barbies, DC and Marvel figurines to name a few which are about the same thing. Srsly..

I have a feeling that the guys behind Harian Metro has a grudge against anime and manga community and it wont be long before they attack the cosplaying culture by generalizing them as influence of goth loli and punk. Just you wait and see (╬ ಠ益ಠ)


The article about Anime is hentai was by Kosmo tabloid, not Harian Metro


More rage/comments on article at:

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34 responses to “Why cant MY Otaku have nice things?”

  1. Aiko says :

    e-jump, takyah la balik kat m’sia nih. duk kat CA cukup.

  2. Anonymous says :

    CRY MOAR. It’s not just MY, every normal people look down on “otaku” in every country. Being “otaku” is nothing to be proud of, fucking weeaboo.

  3. gordon says :

    figures are a work of art. they don’t know how to appreciate art.

  4. Anonymous says :

    First, the article isn’t baseless. A lot of anime make pathetic attempts to appeal to an equally pathetic lonely fanbase with huge gobs of shameless fanservice instead of quality effort.

    As for the tabloid aiming at figurines…well, otakus regularly aim at them for masturbation sessions. Why do you think there are a ton of “hot-glue” images in 4chan? Why do you think these figures are sculpted in such an erotic manner in the first place?

    As for blaming anime/manga for the degeneration of society though, I will agree that it’s stupid. The media in the western worlds are also becoming more loose with sexuality. But the fault isn’t at the media, it represents society’s troubles in general. Girls are becoming more obsessed with their bodies at a younger and younger age, are inspired by role models and toys that dress in jailbait fashion…

    It’s distressing how much the western media/moe industry/anime take advantage of this shame.

  5. Anonymous says :

    “figures are a work of art. they don’t know how to appreciate art.”

    Except that you’re not talking about art. You’re talking about pornography.

  6. e-jump says :

    @Anon1: Actually every human looks down on each other to feel SUPERIOR. Otaku may be an easy target, but i believe some of them dont fucking care. I dont think im otaku enough, but if i was labeled as one, Im never proud of it.

    @Anon2: hot glue on 4chan? if theyre original 4chan material, most likely its condensed milk for the LULZ. Unless youre talking about futaba faggotry. But Ok, I get your point that its an object as sextoys for some people.
    But srsly, are you generalizing all figures are erotic? Theres a whole bunch of figures that are best sellers and not erotic.

    @Anon3: Did you get a boner by watching Belldandy figure on top? Btw, isnt sculpting a form of art?

    But the issue here is a possible ban for figure selling throughout the nation. From the way the article sounds, it looks like its going to be a total wipeout.

  7. Aiko says :

    so you call those naked statue as porn? =D

  8. Exiled_Gundam says :

    You’re just making that assumption based on what you see on 4chan? Uhh… Figurines are never designed as fapping material in the first place. It’s just the ppl are stupid enough to do that

  9. Anonymous says :

    @ e-jump: >>”But srsly, are you generalizing all figures are erotic? Theres a whole bunch of figures that are best sellers and not erotic.”

    Yes, I’m generalizing pretty much all female figures without a normal amount of clothing as erotic. Okay, I’m not even sure why I said “without a normal amount of clothing”, no such female figure exists. Yes, it’s erotic, and yes, it’s pathetic. If you say otherwise to defend character designs that feature for example, bikini armor or a lot of leg exposure then I don’t know what else to say. It’s a lonely, pathetic hobby regardless if you visit 4chan or not. By the way, thanks for not refuting my first statement that most anime attempt to fill their lack of substance with glitzy, shallow fanservice.

    >>”Did you get a boner by watching Belldandy figure on top? Btw, isnt sculpting a form of art?”

    Sculpting is a form of art. Sculpting an erotic anime figurine is not a form of art. Even if they can be classified as art, most of them (if not all) are done pretty tastelessly to be able to qualify as art.


    What else do people use them for? Honestly, what are porn magazines used for? It’s like you are questioning my assumption that people eat food. Figurines aren’t art. They’re pornography, plain and simple. I would hold far less contempt if people do not put them on a pedestal.

  10. Anonymous says :

    @ Aiko:

    And I suppose your “Saimoe” tournament is art? I liked it better when people didn’t beat around the bush and called it pedophilia.

  11. Infestor51 says :

    While you’re right in saying certain anime having shameless fanservice, this doesn’t apply to all anime, at least not most of which I frequently view.
    And yes, Exiled_Gundam’s right, (most) figurines were never designed for fapping material, rather simply appealing to fans of the character the figurine was modelled after.
    [sarcasm]Oh look, I’m getting a boner staring at Nendoroids.[/sarcasm]

    I think the best case scenario would be a compromise, in which you MY-ians still get your figurines, but there’ll be regulations and whatnot. Or maybe some special group gets set up to check each and every figurine.

    Worst case scenario? Complete ban.

  12. e-jump says :

    @Anon: While I myself dont like blatant fanservice shit animu, but I do not have grudge against them. Dont like it/ diss it/ its made of fail and pathetic/ just dont fucking watch it or buy the merchandise. Its as simple as that.
    Crying moar because you dont get your season 2 haruhi and lucky shit over fanservice animu that gets airtime is just a waste of your time.

    @Infestor51: From what the shit were stir by the tabloids been done, it wont be an easy ride for figure collectors to get their stuffs anymore.
    I doubt there will be tolerate as moralfag does not forgive.

    I smell b&

  13. LilKeV84 says :

    yea, we’re going through a rough patch now
    hope we’ll see it through, and by then, more ppl may even be interested in joining this hobby 🙂

    I’m not sure what u have against otakus and collectors in general, but u are making a general statement that is no less different that the writer of that article. Go do ur research and find me the % of figures that are normal dressed compared to erotic ones.

    For myself, I myself DO NOT collect figures that are in any erotic pose or clothing. check my collection on my blog if u do not believe me. Most of not all figure collectors I know DO NOT fap to their figures as they feel disrecpectful to their collection and favourite characters.

    So b4 u get ur facts right, please do not include all female figures into the category of pornography. If u do, y not include everything that has female elements in it then.

  14. Anonymous says :


    Then let me amend my statement. The sculptor shouldn’t get all the blame for this garbage, the character designers should repent as well. They’re the ones who chose to draw skimpy, nonsensical outfits on the jailbait bodies.

    (And for the record, you named ONE line that can somewhat be seen as the equivalent of bobble-heads on the western hemisphere. The rest, like Figma, aren’t so lucky.)


    Ha, ha, ha. I dropped anime like a bad habit once I realize the kind of person it’s turning me into. It’s an escapist world in general crafted by autistic nerds who prefer a fantasy world where their perseverance will overcome other adversity. It’s a very irresponsible genre in general, and it does piss me off when people defend lecherous trash like moe figurines.


    Allright. Checking your blog now.

    Yeah. The first thing I saw was your banner featuring Haruhi girls in nightgowns. The first thing I saw after hitting “END” afterwards is a moe figure. It’s nice how Japan’s thinly disguised pedophilia is spreading to other parts of Asia. ^^

  15. valho says :

    Anon comment simply make me LOL, oh well it’ll be just a waste of time replying to his comment, time that I would rather spend on watching my favourite anime.

  16. franstormer says :

    anon, u lost your balls to even put ur own nick? or u’re erm “性无能” hoho

  17. Aiko says :

    i fucking seconded what you say. xD

  18. noob4life says :

    Lol.. ” scuplting an erotic anime figure is not an art ” …. dude why not you get your ass to Greece and open your fucking eyes a little bit… they sculpt NAKED people… LIFE SIZED nake HUMANS. Why not you you go to the Government and tell them its not an art ?

    Oh if u get ur ass kicked by them, do send me a photo. =)

  19. Anonymous says :


    And yet you still replied. ^^


    What does giving you a nickname do? I don’t have a blog filled with cartoon pedophilia to peddle around.


    You second what he says because you don’t have a defense against my comments. xD


    There’s a difference of taste and context. You’re seriously comparing trash that encourages young girls to offer themselves with complete disregard to self-respect, to one of Michelangelo’s finest and most respected works of art?

    Jeez. I feel dirty just typing that out. I bet the guy’s rolling in his grave right now.

  20. franstormer says :

    whatever, its no point for u to criticise anime/figurine in the blog. u’re just getting urself flamed. its just like u go into the government office and criticise about politics

  21. Anonymous says :

    lol Fail-asia.

  22. Shin says :

    Oh Anon, you card!

  23. Aoshi says :

    So liek… i’m going back to lurk in /cgl/ /a/ /hr/ /e/ /u/ and /k/

  24. valho says :

    @Anon~ u just made me laugh again, thanks haha. btw i wasn’t replying to ur comment i was just talking to my other friends here that have commented LOL.
    Btw since you hates otaku so much why do you even bother coming here and commenting. I suggest you go back into your narrow little world and stays there, don’t even bother going outside. it”ll corrupt your innocent little mind.
    Btw this is replying to your comment, so do learn to read properly.

  25. samejima says :

    GO FCUK YeRSLF oredi!!!
    Our hobby is none of your concern dammit!!!

  26. Saku says :

    Oh wow, just read the whole comments and pretty heated arguments. Sad to hear that this kind of thing happen in Malaysia and hope it does not affect you guys there.

    Similar thing happens all the time here in North America except the society easily blame on games/gaming in everything (GTA4 is easily targeted due to a lot of violences)

  27. e-jump says :

    RAGE was triggered with lulz and faggotry on this blog post.

    Well, in Malaysia these stuff can be serious business. Need to checkout XL-shop over this issue.

  28. Pigeon says :

    You know how these Malay tabloids sell their papers. They try to win the hearts of more conservative-minded Malays by publishing slanderous commentary on anything that “goes against” their supposed ideals without fearing criticism, because they know their core readers have very little initiative to think for themselves.

    Remembering back to the Namewee debacle by Harian Metro, I know how low these tabloids can go. It no surprise how all these libels goes unnoticed by the government too.

  29. Pigeon says :

    Btw, I’ve been doing my part buying 25 issues of Harian Metro, Kosmo! and Mastika every morning, and burning them with petrol right in front of their distribution offices. What have you guys every done?

  30. Alec m says :


    Do you realise that some of people depicted in Micheal’s art are teenager?
    So your actually praising loli pedo art.

    You know that during that time teenage pregnancy is normal.
    You do realise that if you look carefull most of the people depicted in michael’s art is around 15 year old, which in U.S term mean jailbait.

    Please before around spewing craps be sure the get the fact right.

  31. Serene says :

    Hm.. Am I too late to comment? ^^” Wasn’t aware of this.. I do know some ppl dun like anime/manga/figurines saying its childish. However, they cant til the extent calling them porn or erotic altogether judging one-sidedly.. I see the one spamming here doing that is just too disrespectful. Being so disrespectful, I dun tink wat tat person said can be considered valid o.O And I think ppl who think anime/manga/figurines childish is just ppl with no knowledge at all. While in Kuching here, figurines getting popular 😀

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