Xecty Ein acquired. Next..

Recycled box for enviromental friendly

Recycled box for enviromental friendly

And finally I receive my Xecty Ein. Yeah I know, a slowpoke by almost a year. Anyway, another Shining character added to my troop 😀

I didnt manage to secure her last year as she sold out too fast. Not only I missed her on her initial release date, but also missed the re-run.

Xecty Ein

I’m considered lucky that I found her for a good bargain over at AnimeUSA.com. So far AnimeUSA is the fastest order processing experience I ever had. I ordered and paid on day 1, and payment were processed on the next day and got shipped.

I’m looking forward for free relaxing weekend so I can have an outdoor photoshoot.

Next in line would be Blanc Niege and Houmei. hmm… I wonder who will arrive first.

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3 responses to “Xecty Ein acquired. Next..”

  1. Saku says :

    Nice purchased. Hope you do photoshoots soon because I saw this figure couple times at anime con and online stores so it’s really tempting to get it.

    Did you preorder Blanc Niege that’s supposed to be released in Sep’ 08 too ? Thinking of preorder that one too XD.

    Too many things to buy, not enough budget lol

  2. e-jump says :

    @Saku: If anything goes right this weekend, maybe I can have a free time to try some outdoor shoots.

    Yep, I got that Koto Blanc in preorder, together with EyeScream Houmei. Theres some early shots of Blanc face looks QUALITY. Hope Koto will fix it for mass produce line.

  3. optic says :

    It’s a pity I’m into the Shining Wind series as I would have got her instantly. I’m looking forward to ur outdoor shoot. =D

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