The unexpected 009 reporting in

The parcel

The parcel

This parcel arriving today was totally unexpected and out of my radar (✂゚∀゚)✂

009 Fate

009 Fate

My 2nd Figma has just arrived, the 009 Fate Harlaown of StrikerS. And I manage to secure her at a great bargain without preordering.

This is my 1st order from HobbyLink Japan (HLJ), delivered via SAL. Shipment cost half of EMS, I heard that SAL could take ages to arrive. But this just took 9 days to arrive in CA. Maybe just pure luck.

005 and 009

005 and 009

Will there be more StrikerS articulate figure coming by Max Factory? Im looking forward for moar  (☞゚∀゚)☞

This is my 3rd figure order while I’m in California. Unlike my electronic orders, so far no sales tax were impeded to my figure items. Are figure/toys exempted from sales tax in CA? ¯\(º_o)/¯

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17 responses to “The unexpected 009 reporting in”

  1. lu-k says :

    Hayate will folow to complete the team, at least ^^
    Can’t wait to have the three of them!

    Fate is awesome.

  2. KYPMbangi says :

    Congrats. My EMS package (Tachikoma-yellow) from HLJ too arrived at my office today. And it took 4 days, I’d say the customs check took the longest time in EMS delivery.

  3. samejima says :

    Wasn’t able to get this figure from HLJ… they’re already discontinued… orz should have get this figure earlier that time when it was available… I was waiting for the figma Kanu to be released and buy both of them together… be receiving my saber and nanoha this saturday…can’t wait.

  4. Roy says :

    nice order their,she is a very popular figure,to bad she’s already sold out:(
    Your lucky and just 9 days, StrikerS luck maybe :p

  5. Persocom says :

    Not bad, SAL seems like a good choice when you’re not in a super big hurry. I only use EMS mostly because I’m extremely impatient. Good choices on the figmas, hope you enjoy them ^^ I’m going to put you up on my blogroll, just so ya know.

  6. meronpan says :

    i think the it usually works for online orders is that if the company is based in (i.e. ships from within) california (or whatever state you’re shipping to), you pay sales tax. if not, no sales tax.

    looks like you snatched yours up around the same time i did. i totally expected her to be pre-sold out everywhere so was pleasantly surprised when i found her at hlj.

  7. e-jump says :

    @lu-k: wow great. Will keep a lookout on hayate. Although i prefer Signum :3

    @KY: So far all of my figures never been opened/inspected by customs (they usually put a tape of rubberstamp it if they do right?). But I always opted the cheapest delivery method to bring down the price to spend.

    @s-j: Guess you are too late. I got it while the indicator was still green, as if HLJ got loads of stocks. Guess it runs out fast.

    @Roy: Yep, nice indeed. My 1st few figmas.

    @Persocom: Yeah, but depends on the size of the package where you want it to be handled better and trackable. But as for me, I’ll take my time and some little risk on cheapest FeDex/UPS option available.
    *added you to my roll too :p

    @meronpan: That might be the case. Or its because total value of the parcel was less than usd50, or they company want to absorb the tax so they can pull more customers.
    Yeah, lucky me to be checking hlj. At 1st i was reluctant to get her as Im in CA and it would take a long time to reach. But yeah, it reached sooner than expected 🙂

  8. rain says :

    woohoo fate has arrived. anyway, your stuff seem to keep on flying in right now.

  9. Saku says :

    Did you get charged with custom fee or anything like that ?

  10. e-jump says :

    @rain: nah, i believe this is it. no more shopping.

    @saku: nope, no extra fees. Just item cost and shipping fee, thats about it.

  11. optic says :

    Woah, 9 days. Lucky.
    it’s been 2.5 weeks now and she hasn’t arrived. It’s quite normal to wait that long but after 3 weeks, i get worried.
    my miku has been in transit for 3.5 weeks now. I’m getting very worried she maybe lost. T_T

  12. Rin says :

    I want it!!!!!
    Sadly it was sold out in stores in Japan…I couldn’t find one…
    I want it!!!!!!!

  13. e-jump says :

    @optic: wow, thats long. you sure its not stucked at your custom office or something?

    @Rin: yeah, unlike nanoha, Fate was a real seller

  14. Philip (redmango) says :

    Great buy! It’s too bad that HLJ is out. What was the cost of shipping using SAL? I am thinking of making a purchase from HLJ too.

  15. e-jump says :

    @Phillip: My SAL charges were exactly the same as the estimation. I paid 780yen.

  16. Philip (redmango) says :

    @e-jump: Excellent.

  17. Bumpass says :

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