Living in Cali. [week 8] Train Adventure

Metrolink heading Oceanside

Metrolink heading Oceanside

My work load has been pretty much hectic for the past few weeks. The loads are killing my braincells. However it did not hinder my last weekend plan to go on a train adventure to LA.

In the middle of barren land

In the middle of barren land

Last Sunday I take on an adventure of riding the MetroLink train alone, heading Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. It just took me 2 days to research on information regarding the train and Little Tokyo. I saw Little Tokyo ad on KTLA morning news.

Amtrak SurfLiner

Amtrak SurfLiner

In California, theres two main train system, which are the Amtrak and the MetroLink. Amtrak is the interstate train system connecting stations all over USA, while the MetroLink is local commuter traing going to LA central. From central, theres other in-city metro trains.

Irvine Terminal

Irvine Terminal

This time I travel alone. So RONERY ;__; I took my ride from Irvine Transportation Terminal. They also provide free car park, but must not exceed 48hrs single park session.

Ticket vending machine

Ticket vending machine

The ticket

My ticket

The ticket vending machine is very convenience. It accepts credit and debit cards too. Not only that, buying round trip ticket is way cheaper than buying 2 single way tickets.

The waiting hall

The waiting hall

My train has arrived

My train has arrived

Departs at 10.45am. The train is punctual, and the ride was pretty smooth. However the train time is not frequent. You need to wait hours between trains. And you need to make sure you are looking at the right train schedule as weekdays, Saturday and Sunday have slight difference.

Wide space

Wide space

The cabin space is so wide. This is why people can also bring their bicycle in. Not only that, toilet on commuter? Convenient indeed.

Metrolink train is actually a double decker cart. And travelling from Irvine to LA just took 1hr+.

Union Central Platform

Union Station LA Platform

Union Central

Union Station

Reached Union Station at about 12pm. The station looks antique and nice. For more pics, do check my flickr.

Look forward to my Little Tokyo Nisei Week experience in my next post.


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10 responses to “Living in Cali. [week 8] Train Adventure”

  1. Panther says :

    Woo train ride. Nice comfy train too, need to sit in one of those someday.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Panther: The train ride was indeed nice & comfy. But it was not as frequent as back in Malaysia.
    In Malaysia, you dont need to check the schedule as the trais is as frequent as every 40mins max.

    But MetroLink really saves me headaches from LA traffic and pricy parking fee.

  3. Saku says :

    Same here in Toronto. I would rather take the subway to go to downtown than driving even though the seats are not as comfy as Metrolink ^^;. Parking fee in downtown area is ridiculous XD.

    Pretty nice views near the train stations.

  4. suneo says :

    I need to go on train adventures some time lol. I’ve only been on the BART from my home to SF. Not the greatest experience, but it was effective I suppose lol. Only other trains I’ve been on were in Japan, and those were fun times. And fast too.

    Doesn’t seem to be many places to go around here in the Bay Area…or maybe I’m just not adventurous enough lol. If I were in SoCal I’d probably take more trips around Irvine, LA, and probably visit my brother more frequently in SD….since there are more asian shops down there I think lol.

  5. Rin says :

    Looks like you enjoyed your train ride!!!!!!
    It looks really comfortable compared to plane rides…

  6. e-jump says :

    @Saku: Yeah, even back in Malaysia i prefer the trains than driving, unless i were to buy loads of stuff thats not convenient to carry on public transport.

    @Suneo: Japan shinkansen is definitely on different scale. Maybe the MetroLink can match their JR Yamanote lines, but not Amtrak to Shinkansen i guess.
    If you want Japanese delicacies, you can try Little Tokyo, LA. Loads of Japanese shops. And is should be near to ChinaTown too, where I havent visit yet.

    @Rin: In term of ample space, difinitely better than flight. But plane is way faster for long distance. I did my research that from LA to NY, Amtrak will take more than 3days, while flight should be within 6hrs.

    I want to go to NYAF, but RONERY ;__;

  7. meronpan says :

    Wow, looked nice ^_^ I can’t remember if I’ve ever ridden Amtrak… for better or worse it’s usually driving everywhere ^^;; Caltrain here in the bay area is a lot more ghetto ^^;

  8. Luq says :

    Nice coverage you have there 😀

  9. e-jump says :

    @meronpan: LOL cool. Old school trains.
    Amtrak is a little to pricy for short distance travelling +__+”

    @Luq: Yeah, will share my experience whenever possible 🙂

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