Living in Cali. [week 8] Little Tokyo Cosplays

When theres a Japanese event going around, the otaku community will not let go the chance to have a cosplay event.

After going around Little Tokyo to sightseeing the buildings and showcases, I drop by the cosplay event at Little Tokyo alley.

Since the event is so small, I do not put high hopes for awesome cosplays.



This is my 1st experience with foreign cosplayers.

Vocaloid Miku and Len

Vocaloid Miku and Rin

Theres few good cosplays around, but the place was so packed and hot so i didnt manage to snap their pictures.

Sonsaku Hakufu WaniBooks ver.

Sonsaku Hakufu WaniBooks ver.



I’m looking forward to more cosplay cons and hope I have the opportunity to attend NYAF 08 in New York.

*Next post will be 68th Nisei Week Grand Parade.

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8 responses to “Living in Cali. [week 8] Little Tokyo Cosplays”

  1. Panther says :

    OMG Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

  2. Persocom says :

    Yay for Miku and Rin, even at such a small event there was still a couple Vocaloids, that’s cool.

  3. Saku says :

    Nice Mayuri cosplay ^^

  4. Hangmen says :

    At least there’s something to see. I’m in Kelana Jaya right now and it’s bat country. ;_;

  5. e-jump says :

    @Saku: theres more cosplays, but didnt manage to snap pics >_<

    @Hangmen: Since you’re in KJ, theres lotsa AS-fags around that area if youre interested to meet them

  6. Aiko says :

    e-jump~ the vocaloid is Rin not Ren, Ren is the guy and Rin is the girl =3

  7. meronpan says :

    from my limited experience with american cosplay, it always seems to be a much different selection of characters than that of japanese events. surprised there were vocaloids, usually they don’t get nearly as much love ^^;

  8. e-jump says :

    Im looking forward to check out NYAF. Currently still planning my possible adventure.
    Need to figure out cheap accomodation and flight fare >_<

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