NtyPE Artworks



This month I will be featuring NtyPE artworks. I believe he’s quite famous with his fanarts and doujins.



I began to know NtyPE when I was looking for Waha and TH2 girls some time ago.



NtyPE, or 溝口ケージ-san, seems to do touhou stuffs too. Maid Sakuya has been relevant to my interest.



You guys should just checkout his stuff as he did a lot of recent fanart and doujin materials.

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5 responses to “NtyPE Artworks”

  1. Rin says :

    That’s really nice artwork!!!!!!
    I have never heard of him. Maybe I’ll go check out his art sometimes…

  2. e-jump says :

    @Rin: He did lotsa cute single fanarts. However i never really follow his doujins.

  3. Saku says :

    Cute fanart. Me like it ^^. I never heard of him either so I will check his fan arts ^^

  4. desudesu says :

    oh dear lord, Ikuno Komaki (wheelchair moe is moe) in first picture D:

    So moe I’m dead already

  5. optic says :

    Will continue to checkout his stuff. I may like. ^^

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